Tuesday, July 31, 2007

exhausted? I think so

So, today I had the extreme pleasure of working in the plant. For those of you that don't know what Cintas (my company) does, they are a uniform rental company that also provides rags, towels, mops, door mats, etc to any and every company. Most of the clients are auto dealers, mechanic shops, concrete companies, etc. Basically, the messiest companies known to man - they serve. The back end of the business is more or less a laundry service....cleaning the uniforms, etc and sending them back out to the customers. So, today I got to do other peoples laundry. It was definitely not the most glamorous part of my work experience. Rags were oil filled and disgusting, uniforms are all kinds of jacked up, and that's what I was sifting through.
Separating everything out based on colors, pants, aprons, rags, and everything else.
Smells like throw up, no air conditioned which adds smelly sweat to the mix, and that was basically my day.
Luckily, everyone was very nice and helpful and they were actually short handed today so I got to get down and dirty.
My day:
1) 8:00 am - drink coffee and get the day organized
2) 9:00 am - start sorting through the nastiness of rags that needed to be cleaned
3) 10:00 am - loaded up the old ladies tables with dirty who knows what so they could sort
4) 10:15 am - loaded up washers with 400lbs of sheets
5) 10:30 am - loaded up washers with 750 lbs of oil stained rags
6) 11:00 am - took sheets out of washer and took them to the linen ladies and filled washer with a jack load of mats
7) 11:15 am - got to push the buttons on the hydralic lift (that was cool)
8) 11:45 am - LUNCH!!! Thank the Lord for Rosas and water
9) 12:45 pm - worked with the linen ladies
- lined up sheets to go on huge I wanna get one iron rotating thingy
- one by one put napkins on huge I wanna get one iron rotating thingy
- separated out aprons based on colors (you wouldn't think this would be difficult, but after they come out of the washers ALL of the strings and aprons basically make a HUGE knot)
10) 3:00 pm - worked with the loaders loading the trucks for next day deliveries
11) 4:15 pm - talked with a manager in training to see if I had access to my intranet login (NOPE)
12) 4:30 pm - Sonic for a 44 oz diet coke with vanilla (diet only because my dentist brother likes to gripe when i drink Dr Pepper

All in all it was a great day. Definitely makes me appreciate the jobs I've had in the past as well as the one I have with Cintas. Tomorrow will be much like today, back working in the plant but Thurs and Friday I'll be back on Route with the Service Sales Reps doing stuff that is a lot more fun (goes by a heck of a lot quicker too.)

Next week will be even better because I actually get to spend thurs and friday with the Abilene sales reps..learning the actual position I'll be doing (can't wait to get back to selling....I miss it like whoa)

Anywho, we should be signing the contract on our house tomorrow. The loan is in place and the sellers agreed to our terms. Actually, I'll be giving them checks on Thursday for our first months rent until we close. So, I can move on Thursday if I so choose:)

Friday I'll be going to Arlington to see Julie and the dogs which I'm super excited about. Haven't see them since Thursday and it already feels like 2 months. I THOUGHT WE PUT OUR LONG DISTANCE TIME IN WHILE WE WERE IN COLLEGE:)
But, soon enough our family will be reunited (Reunited and it feels so good - haha sorry for the gay song, thought it was appropriate!!!)

Love you all - adios por que yo necesito una siesta (bye because I need a nap)

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Caleb said...

Wow! SOunds like an experience! I guess it is good to get down and dirty with what you will be selling.