Tuesday, March 31, 2009


As most of you know by now Julie and I found out Monday that we are going to be blessed with a little baby girl. It's real now. I guess it never really sank in that we are really going to have a baby until yesterday when I was talking to a friend, and I said.....I'm going to have a daughter. Man, what an amazing feeling. I, once again, have so many emotions going through my head.
I am unbelievably grateful to God for blessing us with a baby girl. He, no doubt, continues to watch over Julie and I and continues to bless our growing family.
I'm so proud. I'm so excited. I'm so anxious. I'm so humbled. I feel like doing cartwheels, hand standds, and high-fiving everyone I see. Every time I think of that sweet little baby Reagan Elizabeth, my face lights up and I can't help but smile.
Thank you all so much for the thoughts, prayers, and comments. We truly are blessed with amazing family and friends and have no doubt, Reagan will be loved tremendously.
Both, Julie (my baby's mama) and baby are doing great. The doctor said she looked healthy and happy and was right on track for an August 14th delivery. Awesome.
We did have a little scare regarding whether or not it was a he or she......As soon as the doctor started the ultra sound he said.....come on, work with us......I think it's a girl.....
I saw Julie's jaw drop and I was dumbfounded - YOU THINK?!?!?! I don't do I think when it comes to this....we've waited a long time to find this out (sometimes patiently sometimes not so much) You're going to have to do better than I think. Luckily he did confirm, once Reagan was in a better position that it was in fact a she.

Other news.
Saturday we had a garage sale......where the heck did the frappin cold weather come from? It was 84 on Thursday then 46 on Friday....We woke up at 6:00 am Saturday to put out signs and move stuff out of the garage to a whoppin' 31 degree temp with the wind blowing 30 mph......I thought it was spring....come on!!! We picked a great day for a garage sale. Luckily it went really well....really really well. We sold practically everything except 2 tupperware's full of clothing/misc items and the air hockey table (I was surprised this didn't sale). but, overall we were pleased with the outcome....made some money and had a great time....well not a great time but a good time....well, ya know - it's a garage sale - it's not fun.
In fact, every time Julie would walk inside, someone would come by and I'd sell em a big item or lots of small items....then she'd come back outside and it'd be silent.....went away.....people came.....back out.....adios amigos....it was really weird how that worked out!! I guess I'm that amazing of a sales rep:) haha I actually wasn't saturday - someone would say will you take this amount for this piece of crap - i said sure.....whatever just take it away....I guess since I'm so used to negotiating pricing throughout the week, that's the last thing I want to do on the weekend....I was a push over - but oh well - it rocks that it's over

2 Year Anniversary - holy crap has it been that long already? If someone told me 2 years ago that I'd be living in Abilene and Julie would be pregnant - i'd say you're on crack.....but here we are. It's amazing to think of the road traveled since Julie and I first started dating.
-8 job changes (college jobs included)
-2 graduations (of course)
-10 different apartments/houses
-4 different cars
-2 dogs
-2 cities (abilene, san antonio, and back to abilene)
-baby on the way

Wow, have things changed in the last almost 7 years. But, it has been a blast (for the most part) and I truly love being married to my best friend. 2 years down and many....many more to come.
To celebrate our anniversary we are heading to Fort Worth Saturday and staying at the Omni Hotel downtown. We both are looking forward to getting away for the weekend and just spending time with one another - who knows, it might be the last chance we have to get away by ourselves for a long...long time. We don't have a lot planned so I know there will be some baby shopping....more shopping....room service......and probably a movie or 2.....just the way Julie likes it - shopping and room service are 2 of her favorite things!!

That's all I have for now - Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers during this exciting time.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

let me tell you a little story

This week has been....long....boring....blah.

We'll skip right past Monday because I definitely had a case of the Mondays......actually this week it was a case of the Mondays, Tuesday, and Wednesdays.
Tuesday was the big day - I was headin' to El Paso to pick up the new to me short bus (yes, short bus numero tres.)

So I leave the house around 7:00 am. I'm cruising in Short Bus numero dos - driving it back to Midland so they can have their van back......So i'm driving....driving....driving....stop for a dp....driving....finally get to Midland, return the van and head to the airport to pick up a car to drive the rest of the way....while I'm telling this part of the story keep in mind that I'm 6'2" and my legs are long. So, I requested an intermediate sized car thinking it be a altima or similar....but....that was not the case......she said 2 words to me and i laughed and said you can't be serious......Here's what they had me pimpin to El Crappo:

This is the same color as the one I drove...It matches my eyes - how cute!! BLAH
Yeah...it's a Toyota Prius......that's right....a Prius (remember me saying I am 6'2". I was hacked but had to laugh it off.....I looked like a fat guy in a little coat driving around in this thing. I actually went back in after I saw it and told the lard this vehicle was not big enough and she responded - it's a full size vehicle - NO MAAM - If I can lay down and be almost as tall as it is long - that's not a full size vehicle.....She said, we have no other cars - you can wait a few hours and see if something comes in......so off I went in the Prius......that thing sucked!!!

So, I decided it was time to get some food........At least being in Midland/Odessa area I got to eat at one of my favorite fast food joints:

Ohhhhh yeah, the ever so amazing Taco Villa - it's probably been about 7 years since I've had the opportunity to eat at one of these bad boys! So, that mad my trip a little better.

Back on the road I went, full stomach, full dr pepper, and I was rollin - crusin' in the Prius. I tried sitting every which way I could think of to get comfortable.......it was impossible.....My head was dang near to the roof, the seat all the way back, leanin' back (cause I'm ghetto like that - not really, but that's the only way I could fit) but nothing was comfortable.

By this time it was already 12:30 pm - I figured I'd get to El Paso around 4:30 - no big deal, get back to Midland around 8:30 and be ready for bed......needless to say that didn't happen. The speed limit once you get about 20 miles west of odessa is 80 - which was awesome - made the trip go by faster.....all there is out that way is a bunch of nothing and some 3 foot tall trees until you get to Van Horn (big city of 2300 or so) then you start to see some "mountains" which gives you something to look at.

So there I am - crusing about 82, getting closer to El Paso.....about 17 miles out to be exact when I see what everyone hates to see - a DPS officer going the opposite way hit their brakes and buts a u turn in the median....crap is kinda what i was thinking......yeah, I got pulled over....in the Prius....for speeding......isn't that just fantastic. Apparently I didn't see the sign 12 miles back that the speed limit changed from 80 back to 70 - my bad, my entire body was numb and I was just hoping and praying to make it to El Crappo.

So, he asked for my insurance and license - here ya ga.....Turn off the vehicle sir, I'm trying mr. officer, but this car is wack and it took me a few minutes to remember how to turn it off. Step out of the car sir, okie dokie

You in a hurry? No Sir, how fast was i driving. 82 mph - ok, what's the speed limit....70 - ahhh....crap.....when did it change....12 miles back.....yeah that's my fault.....Guess I completely missed it.

Here is a list of questions this polite copper asked me:

You ever been arrested.....No

You ever been in trouble with the law.....No

You have any illegal drugs?.....No

You have any illegal weapons.....No

You have large sums of money......No (I wanted to say I wish - but figured that'd be bad)

You ever been arrested.....DIDN"T YOU ALREADY ASK ME THIS?!?!?! No

Would you mind if i looked in your car?......it's a prius - that won't take long.....No

What are you doing in El Paso.......Picking up a van to drive back to Abilene (which.....might have been the wrong thing to say given the fact that El Paso has a high crime rate and lots of vans used for certain illegal activities)

Why are you picking up a van.....Mine broke and this is the closest extra they had....

Sir, take off your sunglasses.....oh yeah, that's why it was so dark

Who do you work for....Safety-Kleen

What do you do....>Sales

What does your company do......dispose of illegal narcotics (that'd been funny)

I'm only going to give you a warning - HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!

So, I got back in the prius - thankful to be getting a warning and laughing my rear off for getting pulled over while in a prius - awesome.

I finally made it to El Paso, picked up the new to me short bus (which is HUGE so now it's deemed either the Long Bus or the Safety-Kleen limo: Picture:


That's one HUGE dent - we kicked it out a little though - looks brand new:)

So, finally around 6:15 pm I was back on the road.....after dropping off the Prius....thankfully.....driving back to Midland (about 375 miles) in my pimped out van with no cruise control. About 9 pm I was starving and hadn't gone to the bathroom since I left El Paso (210 miles) - so I arrive in Pecos - man it's a crazy little ghetto town. Found a sonic and a Flyin' J's Truck stop - gave me a nice little break.....only 150 miles left to the hotel.

Finally around 11:30 pm I pulled up at the hotel....only 16 1/2 hours after I started this little road trip. I was so excited - my eyes were friendand my legs/back/body were tired.

The next morning I got up around 8:30 to head back to Abilene - man, I have never been so excited to see Abilene - no driving for me for a while (well, until next week)

Side note: leaving your ipod in your truck when you're traveling 450 plus miles is a bad idea......there's not a lot to listen too when you get past odessa......some talk radio which you can hear every other word, or spanish on one other station.......i was bored out of my mind.

So, if you ever decide you want to drive to el paso.......here's my advice....fly there or pick some where else to go.....it's way the crap out there.

I hope everyone has had a blessed week.....mine has been long but luckily God blessed me with safe travels.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sing Song Ling Long

I found these on You Tube and they took me back.......man - college was awesome!!!

2002 Sing Song

2004 Sing Song

We won both - awesome:)

The weekend

This has been a extremely exhausting weekend.

Julie called Friday afternoon and said our baby furniture was in.....right then and there I knew what my weekend was going to look like.....Jason on the floor, furniture pieces, tools, parts, etc. all over the place - putting together the furniture..........I was right - and then some.

I went and picked up the furniture - yeah it's heavy - and headed back to work to wrap up week 4 (our rush week to get all the revenue we can entered). About 6:15 we finally finished and I was headed home. My co-worker, Brent, came by the house to help me unload what was my task for the weekend.

After dinner I decided it was time to get started......We moved everything from the baby room into the front bed room to give me enough room to work (keep that in mind as you read later in the blog)
So there I was.....sprawled out......reading directions (which.....is like a foreign language)
I started rocking and rolling........piecing it together, taking a break to allow my hand to stop cramping from the allen wrench, started going again......Finally, around 11:30 I was done with the hutch and the crib......Man, it looked beautiful (an it was standing which I was impressed with).....no duct tape, strings or anything.

So, I decided it was time for me to crash out....only problem was I didn't make it to the bed - so I was on the couch again. Woke up the next morning, made some coffee, started cleaning.

Julie was in the baby room talking to her mom......didn't let me hear the conversation which I thoguht was weird. Then she came out and delivered the blow.......The furniture doesn't look good in the baby room.....It's too big and makes it look like we just crammed stuff in there.....we're going to have to move it to the front room....>AWESOME!!!!!!
You see, the furniture doesn't fit through the door - it's too wide - so you have to take it apart and put it back together......again.....AWESOME.

Remember when I said we moved everything from the baby room to the front room???? AWESOME.....We had to move everything back out of that room and into the living room, take down the bed in the front room, clean out the closets, etc.
So again....I'm sprawled out, taking out screws, and pulling the crib apart - piece by piece.

We finally got everything done and it looks awesome in the front room. It's going to give us a lot more space and even let us get a bigger glider which I'm stoked about.

Needless to say I was/am exhausted....my body hurts because I'm too old for that crap!! haha
But, it will be worth it when we bring our baby home and it has a nice room.

Saturday Julie and I had a date......at Perini Ranch....The place is awesome! As soon as you get out of your car you breath in a little bit of heaven. As usual I ate way too much (bread, catfish, jalapeno bites, hush puppies, zuccini, and bread pudding. It was amazing! There were kids running around crazy and one particular kid that brought a smile to my face....he was laughing uncontrolably....it was hilarious!!

Now, I'm still awake and Julie has long gone to bed. I ventured into the new baby room just to look. I'm sure a lot of expecting parents did/do the same thing. Just to see the room come together and know that life is about to drastically change. Go in there to say a prayer for the babies health and happiness and pray for strength/patience for yourself and your spouse. I truly was humbled at the site of the crib. For some reason it's real now.
I'm still amazed at how God works in our life. It's hard to believe that in less than 5 months we will be parents. We will have a little one to take care of. I'm still a little shocked but extremely excited. You see, my parents were great. They raised Jeff and I right from the moment we were born. Teaching us right from wrong, how to treat others with respect, saying yes maam, no maam, yes sir, no sir. But, most importantly they raised us to love God by their actions. My parents often say if they could go back they would do things differently. Looking back on it, I wouldn't change a thing. They truly are amazing people, amazing parents, and undoubtably amazing children of God. I hope and pray that I too can be like them, and instill in my children the principles and values they taught me. I am excited about becoming a dad.....no doubt about that. I'm excited about the challenges that are ahead as we get ready to embark on this amazing journey! I'm so fortunate to have great parents. I'm so fortunate to have great in laws. I'm so fortunate to have great friends. And I'm definitely fortunate that Julie is my wife and best friend.

Short Bus numero dos didn't work out. too much work to be done on it for SK to justify fixing it. So, this week I'm heading to El Paso to pick up a new short bus......That's right...Short Bus numero tres....in EL PASO!!! It's only 7 hours from here. So, I'll leave around 5:00 am one day next week....head to Midland to give short bus numero dos back to them, pick up the rent car and head to El Crappo.....Get SB numero tres and drive back to Abilene.......wowza - that's a lot of driving for one day. I can't decide whether or not I'm going to spend the night in Midland or if i'll just drive straight back. But, at least I'm getting another van.....I've put roughly 4000 miles on my truck just in the last 2 months of driving it - way more mileage than it's driven the previous 10 months combined...it needs a rest:)

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and a great week coming up........8 more days until we fin out what peanut is - I can't wait!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

another year bites the dust

I'm older tomorrow - awesome!! Losing hair (even some turning gray which i debate to pull out because they probably won't grow back) gaining weight and loving every minute of it!
I have such a great life and am truly blessed.

This past weekend we were in Boerne hanging out with my folks......we didn't get there until saturday because we decided that accidently leaving the dogs kennel at home was a great idea.....until we got about 30 minutes out and said - crap - we forgot the kennel! So we drove home and had to start our adventure Saturday (my work computer is about to crash so I was on the phone with our help desk until 7:00pm Friday night - my life rocks:)
So Saturday about 6:30 we headed to Boerne again. We had fun with my rents! We got in town about 10:30 and loaded up the car to head to San Antonio.
When you live in po dunk - you gotta hit the big cool stores when you go. We went to Pea in the pod (Which Julie led me to believe was a baby store....it's not.....it's a maternity clothing store!! So much fun)
But, then my parents treated us to Pappacitos for my bday lunch......man.....I love that place.....2 beef enchiladas, 1 beef taco, 4 stuffed shrimp, 1/2 a dozen torillas, and a basket of chips later - I was ready for a nap......but, it was back to shopping.
We hit up babies r us to see what the deal was - it pretty much went like this.......wow - this baby is going to cost a lot so I'm going to Bass Pro Shop with my dad to shop there (because BPS is so much cheaper)
After we picked Julie and my mom up from Target we headed back to my parents house....where a nap was a must!
Later on that afternoon we really didn't do much of anything. There were 6 axis deer at the feeder which were calling my name......but I didn't have my rifle and I really was not in the mood for guttin' a deer (I'm not good at that - the smell, etc - I have a long way to go before I will be able to change a poopy diaper).
That night my mom made my favorite pancakes - Aunt Martha's pancakes.......with fruit syrup - awesomeness....that's all you can say about that! They have to be the most unhealthy pancake ever but they're totally worth it.
Then it was back to bed.

We got up Sunday morning for chuch, stayed through communion and headed back to load my truck down with crap we're selling in a garage sale in 2 weeks....we looked like the beverly hillbillies - all we needed was a crazy granny with a gun and it'd been picture perfect!

That was our weekend - we had a great time but were worn out (as were the dogs).

Please keep me in your prayers as tomorrow I'm quitting smoking. The time has arrived for me to put the pack down and start focusing on my health as well as my future with my growing family. I know it will be difficult. I know there will be temptation. I know I might be moody/grumpy but with the prayers and support of my family and friends as well as God walking beside me, I can overcome this unpleasant challenge.
I still cannot believe I let it get to the point to where it consumes my life...But it is what it is and I'm here now paying the consequences.

I hope everyone has a blessed week and a Happy St Patrick's day.....remember - it's all about Jason day tomorrow so buy me something.....just kidding....but really:)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Thoughts

1) Yesterday it was 84 degrees.......today it was cold.....and rainy.....and windy.
I can't complain because we definitely needed the rain (of course I washed my truck on Saturday - the first time in prolly 5 months - so you know it's going to rain)
But the cold? And the wind? What the heck!!
I'm ready for Spring to get here!
Let me just say.......Spring Forward time change is still kicking my rear.

2) Julie's pregnant - that's awesome - it's still hard to believe in 5 months from Saturday (give or take) I'll be a dad! I'm extremely excited, nervous, blessed, grateful, humble, nervous all at the same time - what a feeling! Only 2 1/2 weeks until we find out what the little baby is going to be.......added estrogen or a camo wearing, gun shooting, basketball/football playing cool guy:)
Most of you know that our house is divided - Julie wants a girl and I want a boy. Obviously we will be excited with either but it just adds some fun conversations to our household (We don't agree on much - she wants a girl, I a boy - she likes the mavs, I like the spurs, we're competitive like that) Julie's getting a little bit bigger - she doesn't eat a lot of Ben n Jerry's anymore so I can't blame her belly on that - bummer!!

3) Work has been busy and slow all at the same time. The economy, no doubt, is causing everyone to watch what the spend and to hold on to what they have. My phone hasn't rang much, my email is pretty dead, and yet I'm still on the road closing deals every day. so, life is good.

4) Short bus numero dos is already dead. We got it last week, took it to the shop.....and it too has about 2300 dollars needed to get it up and running......back driving the truck.......waiting to hear if short bus numero tres is on it's way:)

5) If you go to Jayton, TX - don't. There are NO gas stations and 1 restaurant to eat at....which is cash/check only.....i don't carry either. So we had to travel to Aspermont (24 miles away) to eat at DQ - that's what I like about Texas.

6) It's a small world - they guy I met today in Jayton actually grew up in Abilene and went to ACU...come to find out him and his wife actually went to Westgate C of C (where Julie and I go) before they moved to Lubbock. They too are expecting a baby (number 2 for them) and they literally just found out.....they had a very similar conversation on our way back to Jayton - All I heard was him say to her "If you want to tell people that's fine - I don't care"
Julie and I had this conversation numerous times except it was me begging her to start telling people

7) Tomorrow I'll actually be in Abilene if it rains - that's exciting news

8) Baby furniture is expensive........I might be making a crib with duct tape/plywood/toothpicks/and Popsicle sticks - it'll be redneck fabulous. It's so much fun shopping for baby stuff though - I really enjoy it - and I hate shopping (unless it's for guns or hunting stuff)

9) Boomer sheds......a lot.....Champ is sweet but needs a helmet (he tried to jump on the bed tonight and missed - hit the nightstand.......and he failed to stop on the laminate floors and ran into the couch) - It......was.....awesome!!

That's all i've got.....i'm bored and can't sleep so you get to read about nothing at all......

Sunday, March 8, 2009

man....I hate taxes

Awesome news - we owe over a grand in taxes this year!! I guess that's good - means our income went up but still........it hacks me off!!!
Maybe I should be like one of the many leaders of this great administration and not pay my taxes.....oh wait......since I'm actually held accountable for my actions and the laws actually apply to me I'd go to jail!!

This administration makes me nervous to say the least! The out of control spending, the big government ideology, the redistribution of wealth, nationalizing anything and everything, to the toll the tax hikes are going to have on small businesses (which my dad and brother are both small business owners)

How in the world did we get here? Some in our great nation have become so lazy and just expect things to be handed to them. I, for one, am a true believer in hard work pays off. I don't work 60 plus hours because I enjoy it. I do it because I want a better life for my wife and family.
I don't work 60 plus hours a week just to see the hard work I put in and the successes I encounter be taken away from me and given to someone who is too lazy to put in the hours, that basically just wants a hand out.

But, I have hope. I have hope in the American people that one day they will have had enough and will stand up for what they believe in. That one day we, as Americans, will finally come to our senses and realize this is not the "change" Obama won his election on and this is definitely not the "change" our country needs in time of crisis. That day is coming sooner rather than later....I have hope in that.

I wish Obama success in his presidency as that is for the good of the American people and Julie and I. But, this is not a good start.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It has arrived

Here are the pics of the new to me short bus - it rocks!!
Only difference...........3 cracks in the windshield, smell like Midland (stanky), and it has 500 less miles than short bus numero uno.
it's nice being back in a van again - for some strange reason it's my comfort!
As Maggie would say "Stupid Amounts of Happy" - maybe just stupid
Look familiar????

Look at them rims - fancy

Final Tribute to Numero Uno

I'm blogged out for a while............................peace out yo!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

adios short bus numero uno

Tomorrow I will be heading to Midland to pick up short bus numero dos. Let's take a moment to remember the good times that were had with short bus numero uno. Between the breaking down, constant stank of used oil, the strawberry air freshener that made the van smell like used strawberry oil, to the am/fm radio with one busted speaker, to the faded paint job with numerous dents/dings, to the no cruise control. It was love at first site and I will truly miss this van. Or....maybe not. Here's what I have to look forward to the new to me van.......

Re-read everything i just wrote because it's exactly the same!!

Irregardless, it will be nice to be back in a company vehicle with my trucked parked at the office again:) All I can say is what a great way to advertise - you can't miss the short bus rockin' and rollin' down the street (sometimes putt putting, bouncing, smoking, etc - haha)

Don't get me wrong.....I'm grateful for the short bus as well as my company. They both have provided a great life for Julie and I. But, it's also fun to pick on the short bus just because - it's the short bus.....A 96 GMC Astro with 168,000 + miles on it!! I love that thing!!!

How do you like me now??!?!

pretty fly for a white guy

New t-shirt idea: (BTW -I'm not very good with paint)
Just in case you're wondering what color of yellow that is.......don't bother - it's hard to explain.....and you can't look directly at it without sun glasses - yeah - it's awesome.

RIP Short bus numero uno......RIP

More pics of the new van to follow!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

good times had by all

Last week.....was yet again...crazy!!!!!
I drove over 850 miles - in my truck - which is more miles than I've driven it in the last 6 months combined! They're still working on getting me a new short bus but it looks like for now I get to drive the piece of junk from Midland. Which, that's fine because I don't like driving my truck when we're talking about taking oil samples, being out at the wind farms, and just getting it all nastified!
Here's what my week looked like last week:
Monday: Baird
Tuesday: San Angelo
Wednesday: Brady
Thursday: Snyder (more to come on the ever so eventful day)
Friday: Back in San Angelo on the truck helping out our service rep

Needless to say - by the time Friday rolled around, I was extremely thankful and exhausted.

Thursday was a crazy/stressful day. I had a few great appointments lined up, got those done and over with and headed to Sweetwater for my last appointment of the day. As I was leaving I got a call from an old buddy that I worked with from Cintas, Billy, asking me if I had talked ot Kevin (he's my branch General Manager). I said no and asked what was up - he told me there was a bad fire out close to their house - thought it was only 3-4 miles away. So I hung up and called Kevin and sure enough - he knew about it and was a bit worried. He was driving home from Midland when his wife told him and he was still about an hour and half out. I was pretty close - about 30 minutes away and told him I'd head out there to help his wife get stuff ready in case they had to evacuate. It was nuts!! I was talking with Nicole in the garage and you could look out and actually see flames (they live on 33 acres) with the winds blowing in their direction.

We came to the conclusion that it was time to load stuff up and get the heck out of there. So, we got the important stuff, jewelry, guns, pics, computers, motorcycles, dogs, kids, boat, etc. About the time we were going to head out - Kevin showed up to help load the last motorcycle in and hook the boat up to my truck. We got out right before they shut the roads down.
Thankfully, the fire department/forest service were able to get the fire under control with no damage done to their house!
Praise the Lord for that. I cannot even imagine what they must have been going through - the fire ended up being about a mile away from their house!!!

So, I went back to the office, unloaded what we could there and had to get some work done. Around 8:00pm I finally wrapped up and headed home.
Julie's mom came in town Wednesday and stayed through Friday - she's awesome and helped us out huge!!! Thursday Barbara and Julie worked on the baseboards (yes, it's been 4 months since they've been put down and we still did not have baseboards on - we've been too busy and honestly - i've been too lazy)
That was awesome and helped out huge. Now, back to Thursday night - you might think most people would go home, eat dinner, and go to bed - but not me.....and not Barbara!
They were at Dittos for Kiddos (Apparently like a huge garage sale for baby/maternity stuff) The lines were long and my stomach was eating itself....Around 8:30 we finally made it to chilis for dinner.
Julie informed me that Barbara was going to help me lay plywood in the back part of the attic (our attic is jacked up) to give us more space to store all the crap we don't need.
So, we got started....and worked.....and worked......and worked......probably hacked off the neighbors with the saw and air compressor but oh well. We finally finished around 1:00am - that's right.....1 in the morning - after I worked 13 hours. But, it looks great and It's going to be nice to have that extra space (especially once we start cleaning out the baby room)

I cannot think Barbara enough for all her help this past week! We had a great time and I'm sure she was ready to leave so she could relax!! Julie always has a full schedule for the 2 of them every time she comes in town or we head to Arlington!!!

Now it's Sunday night......Tomorrow starts a new day and a new week!! Awesome!!!!!!

This weekend was pretty relaxing. Friday after work we headed over to Katie and Donny's house for burgers and to catch up. We really haven't seen them much since Coleman was born (he's too cute.) It was fun, getting to play with a 2 month old!! He started crying when I was holding him and instead of handing him off like I normally would, I tried to calm him down - which actually worked!!! I picked him up and said "Put that pucker face away" - yeah, i'm weird - but it was awesome.

Saturday we didn't do much all day. We didn't even leave the house until we went to dinner with my co worker - Brent and his wife tiffany (she's expecting too - Due date May 17th)
We went to Julie's favorite restaurant - Outback so she could get salad and cheese fries.
Sunday, we went to church and to my deli for lunch (Jason's Deli) with Katie, Coleman, Jeff, and Hayley - then came back home for a nap, dinner, and sleep.

That's it.....the life we lead is amazing! Full of good times had by all!!!

I wish everyone a blessed week this week!!