Sunday, July 22, 2007

pot holes and pull strings

Man, this was an eventful weekend. Julie had 2 flat tires bright and early Saturday morning. Took 1/2 a day to get them changed out. Change the tire to the spare.....take the bad tire to Discount Tire. Go back to discount tire to pick up new tire...back to car to change 2nd bad tire. Drive vehicle to Discount tire to get the 2nd new tire put on the vehicle. drive back to discount to pick it up. That was loads of fun.

Sunday, the first day in a few days (or weeks) it has not rained. Mowing the lawn was top priority. Well, i pull the rope to get her roaring and snap. The rope breaks. I drove to home depot to get a replacement and spent about 2 hours trying to get it working. For those of you that know me.....know I'm not mechanically inclined. Needless to say, the 30 year old lawn mower (which belonged to my grand pa) was not going to be fixed by this dude. So, I bought a new one. Spent probably less money buying a new (cheap) one than i would trying to get the old one fixed.

No one came to look at the house today. Come on now....I know someone in SA needs a house:)
But, it has only been on the market for 5 I can't get too disappointed yet.

Tomorrow, I do not have to work for SR.....I'm so excited about that! No more griping by needy customers, being blamed for something that wasn't my fault, no more being thrown under the bus because I did not have the support/tools I needed to do my job successfully! What a relief!!!!
Friday was my last day, and actually....I didn't have to work because they shut down my internet/email etc right at 8:00am. My boss was not happy but apparently there were a lot of lay offs within my company on Friday and they just threw me in with all of them. Oh well....I was happy and got a free meal.

Monday - Oil changed, packing, and cleaning
Tuesday - Ride a long with a Cintas superstar in San Antonio
Wed, Thurs, Fri......No clue

It's going to be a great week. Hallelujah for some time to chill before I start the new job!

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