Sunday, February 22, 2009

baby clothes and gay shows

this is the title of my soon to be hit song. this weekend was a great weekend. It was low key - nothing but Julie and I hanging ourselves....running errands and watching TV. After last week - it's exactly what I needed.

Saturday we got up and headed to Walmart - my least favorite place in the world. Bought groceries, diapers (I have more to say on this in a second), and some organizational items for the baby room. Diapers are ridiculously expensive - 11 bucks for a 30 pack - which Julie informed me would last about 3 days - wowza!!! I'm in the wrong business!!!!

We came home and decided to start going through the "baby" room and cleaning it up. We also went through the boxes in the attic to see what we needed and what could be garage saled!!
That got boring pretty quick so we decided it was time to go to run more errands.

1st stop - Kids Village - that is the coolest store (if you're expecting) - i wanted everything - especially this glider chair - it was huge and comfortable.........except I wanted it for the living room and not the baby room......I'd never get up.

After that we made our way to target - my 2nd least favorite places. I can't even remember what we bought - oh yeah, more clothes for Julie since non of the stuff she has fits!! Lovely

Then it was off to Circuit City - which is going out of business and everything is marked 50% off - they had nothing left.....except....Season 1 of Gossip Girl......enter reason gay shows is part of the title of this blog.......FYI - if you're a guy and like to watch gay shows with your significant other to show you support them and are interested in what they watch....DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW!!! Here's how the rest of the weekend played out......5 hours of Gossip girl on Saturday and another 4 on Sunday.....I'll be danged if that is not one of the most addicting shows I've ever seen.....You want to peel yourself away and do push ups or chop down a tree to show the world you're still manly....but you just sit there.....and watch episode after episode after episode.....I hate it when that happens!! They need a label on the box saying it may cause an addiction.....but there's no warning - I had no clue what I got myself into!!

All in all it was a fantastic weekend......I truly enjoyed just spending time with Julie, preparing for the arrival of "Peanut" and just relaxing. Once the baby comes.....who knows how much relaxing will be going at the Webb House.

I hope everyone has a blessed week this week.....We truly are blessed.

Friday, February 20, 2009

exhaustion sets in

This week was a tough week at work!!!! Most of them are, but this week really kicked my rear!
Most days I worked 11-13 hours, just trying to get stuff pulled in before the end of our "period."
Each period is 4 weeks long, and at the end of it, the revenue I've generated determines my commission check!!!
This period started out very....very slow and as of Friday last week I pretty much wrote it off as a bad period.....But, this week things finally came together. We pulled enough in this week for me to be 94% of quota (which hacks me off - it's only the 2nd time in 9 months I've been under my quota) which means I'll get a coms check - awesome.
but, needless to say I'm worn out!!!! Too many late nights at the office!!!
Yesterday we were doing a job in Winters (the HUGE city), and man was it killer. A lot of drums to be handled, paperwork to be filled out, etc. and I jacked my back up on a 500 lb drum.
My back has always been questionable but as of late, it's been hurting pretty bad.
Hurting bad enough that I'm even trying to get a dr appointment for next week.
Just what I need right now!!!!

This week has also been a sad week at van.....aka "Short Bus" (it's ugly awesome - bright neon yellow 96 GMC Astro with 175000+ miles on it) pretty much bit the dust. It was in the shop Tuesday all day - I was on my way to Sweetwater and it started acting up......bouncing, no power, etc. Well they kinda fixed it at the shop but with being that old and that many miles it's pretty much a temporary fix. And, today it started doing the same thing again, but worse. My General manager and I were heading back from an appointment - and it started bouncing again......I lost most of my power.....which is bad becasue we were coming up to the only hill in Abilene - dang near though we were going to start going backwards. So, we drove 30 all the way back to the branch.....parked it and made the phone call - how much will it cost to overhaul you ask? Oh, about 3500 bucks - that dang van isn't worth more than a grand!!!!
So, my short bus is going to be retired - next step is borrowing another short bus from the Midland branch that has more miles than the original short bus but it at least (for the time being) runs.

Hopefully.....hopefully - I'll be getting a 15 passenger - brand new - short bus soon! I'll update with the original short bus pictures and the new to me short bus pictures pretty soon.

On a more fun note - we have 175 days left until the baby is due - that's awesome news. Julie and I are getting more and more excited each day and cannot wait to find out what we're (she's) having. She updated her blog with a pic of what she looks like at 15 weeks - she's got a belly!!! She's so cute pregnant though!!!

I hope everyone has a blessed and restful weekend!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

good weekend crazy week

This weekend was a lot of fun. Julie and I went to Arlington to spend the weekend with Mike and Barbara (in-laws.) Saturday was a great Valentine's day......I think Julie and I saw each other for maybe 4 hours all day.
She went with her mom shopping and I went with Mike and his brother Ken shopping......they were shopping for maternity clothes and baby stuff, and I was shopping for fun stuff - the gun show.
Let me just say that I love gun shows. They're awesome....but, some of the people walking around...looking at buying guns makes you think......hmmmm......I'm not really sure they should own a gun......but that's neither here nor there.
The gun show started at 9:00am - we drove up at 9:30 with a MASS amount of people. There was a line out the door and all along the front side of the building (literally about 200 yards of people) It was insane. So we finally get inside (it was frappin cold and windy) and you have to go down an escalator or stairs.....we mistakenly hopped on the the time we got to the bottom a crowd formed and there was no where to go.....either take out a line of people or start walking/marching/hopping/ or as we did walking in place back up the escalator.....yeah....we did....we were those was awesome. So after the 2 minute work out of walking up an escalator while it's going down, we finally got into the gun show.
It was new list of guns in no particular order are as follows:
1) Kahr CW 45 (great carry gun that's compact and light for a 45cal)
2) AR 15 (awesome gun that has so many capabilities and gadgets)
3) Tactical shotgun (just to own one)

After the gun show Mike and I went to eat and headed home to play with the gadgets he bought for his AR 15 (once again.....I want one:)

Now comes the more serious side of Jason. For the last 7 years I've battled an addiction. I never told or discussed it with Mike or Barbara but due to the fact that Julie's pregnant, and I'm trying to better myself for her, the baby, and for my overall health I decided it was time to be a man, swallow my pride, and ask for help.
For the last 7 years I've been a smoker. I started back in college and always said I could quit at any time. Never.....ever....did I realize not only how hard it would be to quit but also how addicted I've become. It's a disgusting, life altering, expensive habit that I wish I never would have started. But, here we are.....7 years have come and grandpa died of lung cancer from grandma is dying of emphysema...and I'm still lighting them up. Why? Because I'm addicted and I'm afraid to quit. I've tried everything from Chantix (smoking cessation drug), nicorette, cold turkey, cutting back, etc. Nothing has worked. But, the reason nothing worked is because a) I wasn't ready to quit personally b) I kept making excuses for myself (ie - work is so crazy, etc.) c) I would try to quit, do pretty well for a while, get overly confident and think to myself - i can have one and be fine......that being said - now it's my time. Now I have the support and prayers of my entire family. Now I'm working on my preparations for the quit day (which is March 17th - my birthday.) Now I'm taking the measures, once again swallowing my pride, to get rid of this habit once and for all. Will it be hard? Abso-freaking-lutely. But, I know that I need to do it for my health, my babies health, my wife's health.

So.....there it confession of being addicted to nicotine.
Please pray for me as I get prepared - pray for comfort, peace, patience.

Be blessed this day and this week.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

weekend to forget

This weekend is one that can soon be erased from my memories.....
Over the past 2 months I've been sick with.....Bronchitis.....Sinus Infection......and the lastest addition to the list........stomach virus!!!
needless to say, I was up ALL night Friday night. felt like junk and could never get comfortable. Saturday was a little relief, but I'm still not eating much. Here's what I've had all weekend:
Saturday morning: bowl of cereal
Saturday lunch: nada
Saturday dinner: 1/2 turkey sandwich
Sunday morning: nada
Sunday lunch nada
sunday dinner few chips with some chili, and 2 bagel bites.
Es todo!!!
I'm a big fan of eating which means this has not been my most memorable weekend!!!!!!
Oh well, tomorrow is a new day and hopefully one with plenty of food!!!!!

On a lighter note, Julie is now 12 weeks and 2 days pregnant! I cannot believe it's already been 3 months!!!!!
I continually pray that God will bless Julie and "peanut" during this pregnancy. That he will bless me with strength and patience to be the kind of husband I need to be. That he will bless us with a happy and healthy baby. And that Julie and I will be great parents.

I hope that you all have a blessed week this week.