Saturday, February 16, 2008

champ and more puppy pics

So Champ has had a rough week. He threw up 13 times on Tuesday. Poor little guy felt awful. Took him to the vet where they found nothing really wrong with him. Said he probably got a hold of something he shouldn't have eaten but that he should be fine in a day or so. Gave him some meds and a shot and sent him home. Well, he didn't get better. He didn't throw up as much but all he did was whine and mope around the house for 2 days. He could barely walk and had no energy to stand. He would walk for 10 steps sit down. when he had to go to the bathroom he would squat then sit down....squat then sit down until finally he had enough energy to do his bidness. It was so sad. Went back to the vet on Thursday which they decided to keep him overnight so they could do xrays and blood work. Everything came back fine from the xrays and blood work so they were dumbfounded with what could be wrong. Fortunately for us they figured out it was the meds they gave him that made him that way. He's back at home now and still not feeling his best. Our vet said that maybe he's just has a broken heart because we took him to the vet so much.......about that.....that's gay - hahah.

Here are some more pics of the precious puppies Jeff and Hayley got.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

new addition to Jeff and Hayley's family

So....Jeff and Hayley picked up their 8 week old vizsla's yesterday. They're so cute. Jeff might beg to differ since they kept him up basically all night last night...but they're really cute. Here's the pics from the breeder - they're much cuter than they look in the pics

This is Abbey

This is Patton

Abbey is calm and sweet and Patton is crazy as all get out. We helped them out a little today which is fun for us....we love puppies.....NO - WE'RE NOT GETTING ANOTHER ONE NO MATTER WHAT JULIE SAYS - HAHAH:)
I'm tired now - sleep well everyone

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

man oh man

It's not even Wednesday and it's already been a whirlwind of a week.

I had to go to the doctor yesterday bc I coughed up a little blood and had a white sac on the back of my throat. I felt ok but since the Flu is going around pretty rapidly lately I had to get it checked out.
Well.....they tested me for the flu and strep.....My awesome nurse was not so awesome. She did the strep test where they stick the qtip looking thing in the back of your throat....then she did the flu test and stuck the qtip up both nostrals. Goes away and comes back 2 minutes later.....You're going to hate me," She says. "I put the test in the wrong solution so we're going to have to do this again." YOU'RE RIGHT - I DON'T LIKE YOU VERY MUCH RIGHT NOW!!!

Fortunately the test came back negative and I apparently have upper respiratory infection/ they give me 2 shots one in each buttocks - how awesome. The steroid shot was a complete joy compared to the 2nd yellow, nasty looking shot. It frapping hurt and I literally need a donut to sit on and a walker.

Today I was in San Angelo and had a great day. Signed 1 account and we stumbled on a HUGE opportunity, but needless to say I'm exhausted.

Next Topic.

Julie and I are now on a budget......I know - we've been married almost a year and we're just now talking about money. It's awful. We used to have a lot of fun.....ate out a lot....bought whatever from the store.....etc.
Now we're hardcore don't spend money we don't have too. It's awesome because we actually realize how much we were spending and on what we were buying. It's opened our eyes a lot and now Julie claims we're poor - haha. Which we're not....we're rich on love and that's all that matters....haha j/k - I love her

I need a nap so adios.