Sunday, September 30, 2007

i hate medicine

Man, this medicine I've been taking stinks. my stomach hurts 24/7!
I got the blood work test results back and apparently I need to eat better and exercise.
Not sure what that's about. I guess walking to the fridge or sitting up to get out of bed doesn't count as exercise. And enchiladas and pizza isn't a good diet. I guess my age is catching up with me and I am no longer invicible to bad health. Bummer.
Here's where we have been this weekend:
1) Dinner at Roadhouse
2) Target
3) Pier 1
1) Home Depot
2) Target
3) Tiff and Garrett's for fajitas
1) Home Depot
2) Kohls
3) Target
4) United

I'm tired of shopping!!

What a weekend for college football. Freaking Texas lost. I wasn't happy about that. OU and Florida both lost and I was ecstatic about that. Notre Dame is now 0-5 which is awesome. But stupid Texas lost.
Guess I'll live. Should be an interesting game next week. you know....I'll be there cheering them on....burnt orange and all. HOOK EM'

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

new red shirt

so i got a new red shirt last week. washed it today for the first time. wasn't paying attention and my undershirts got thrown in with the wash.....yeah - they're no bueno....guess there's a first time for everything.
I'm trying to volunteer Julie to do my laundry but she said no:)
I wonder how much I could hire someone just to do my laundry......and maybe the dishes......and maybe make the bed.....i don't like any of those.....oh yeah - and maybe my yard work! haha - am I lazy or what:)

We've been going to Westgate Church of Christ for the last month and we absolutely love it. There are a lot of people our age and a TON of kids. It's incredible. We were talking to one of the ministers there and he said.....Don't drink the water or you might get pregnant. It was hilarious! Might be true. Good thing all we drink while we're there is the communion juice:)
Have to be careful!

Friday, September 21, 2007

that's whack

So, yesterday I was in Lubbock for some training...which was really great training. Went to dinner last night...hung out for a while with everyone.....walk out and my truck is gone. I was freaking out. Yeah, it got towed! Stupid lubbock. Apparently I didn't pay attention to where I parked since I've been to lubbock like 4 times in my life. Took 2 hours just to be able to get my truck out....2 am rolls around and I'm finally back at the hotel. 4 1/2 hours of sleep....4 more hours of training. and a 2 1/2 hour drive back to Abilene. I'm pooped!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

grass pics and what not

Here are the new pics of the grass....we're about 17 days in i believe!
This is the right side.....doesn't look as good
Close up of the left side - looking better
Left Side yet again

How you know you're in a small town.
One of the stops we made today sold the following products.....under the same roof:
1) tires
2) auto repair services
3) deer feeders
4) mattresses
5) Appliances
6) trophies/plaques
I'm not kidding - it was awesome! You could get your tires fixed, order a trophy and take a nap all at the same place. How cool is that? Great idea!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

fun weekend

Well - it was a fun weekend. Why do they have to go by so fast?!?!
Last night - after the bbq - I watered the yard - like I do every day of my life.
Sat down on the couch to watch tv....set my alarm to turn the water off.....well - I woke up this morning at jeans, shoes, contacts in my eyes.....and yes...the water still running. Whoops, my bad! good solid 9 hours of watering. needless to say our water bill is going to be sky high!
It's looking better though - still don't think it's going to have full coverage in 30-40 days considering the fact that we're on day 16. But, who knows - I've seen stranger things happen.

This weeks schedule for those who care:
Monday - in the office
Tuesday - on Route in who knows what city leaving at who knows what time
Wednesday - Same as Tuesday
Thursday - leaving at 7 to drive to Lubbock for training
Friday - training in the morning and leaving in the afternoon back to Abilene

Should be a fun week. Only 6 more weeks of training - WOWZA.

Hope everyone is doing well:)

Friday, September 14, 2007

and I'm spent

So, Julie and I went to the fair was so much fun but we ate WAY too much!
You know what's coming...the list:

1) Fried Pickles
2) Corn Dog
3) Candy Apple
4) Funnel Cake
5) Bean, beef, and cheese burrito
6) fried snickers bar (I'm not joking - it was kinda weird)

We did have a blast though....Julie was like a tourist. She took a picture of everything. We went on the ferris wheel which was cool.....saw the ever so popular and huge Abilene skyline!:)
Got harrassed by the carneys to play their games - really annoying but what can you do?
bought some stuff for the house! Julie bought a candle that I wanted to eat - it smells really good (hot cinnamon i think)

The grass is looking better. Tomorrow I'll be posting pics so everyone can look in amazement at the progress - haha....don't get too excited!

It's 10:15 on a Friday night and my wife is already in bed.....we're getting old i think....yuppers

Tomorrow night we're going to my co-workers Billy's house for a bbq. It's going to be fun - Julie can finally meet some of the people I work with. Billy says..."Well Dippers" when he forgets something.....or cracker barrell....It's pretty dang funny. Great guy!
Julie is really hoping that Reese - Garrett and Tiffany's baby is awake so she can play. Every time she has seen him, he's been sleeping. He is so dang cute!

Welp.....esta bien, no mas para mi. yo necesito una siesa por que yo tengo mas comida en la fairiorio ( no clue how to say fair in spanish - i'm working on it though)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

it is what it is

It's been a great...exhausting week.
Great news - we closed on our house in SA yesterday - so glad to have that behind us! Now we can really look ahead to what the future has in store! Yippee skippy!
Julie's grandpa had his surgery today. It went very well and he is doing great. He'll be in the hospital for a few more days! Thank you all for your prayers!
Tomorrow i'm going to work at 5:30...yes in the am! Apparently Cintas hasn't figured out that I am NOT a morning person! But, what can you do - drink my coffee and I'll be good to go!
Week 7 is coming to a close which means I really only have 5 weeks left of training! WAHOO!

Welp - I'm out. Boring blog I know...but you love it....don't lie:)

Monday, September 10, 2007

monday monday....baaaah dah baaah dah dah dah

Thank you mom and dad for making me listen to oldies growing up. I love them...they rock my face off!

So, it's been a while since I've posted. Honestly, I've been flat out lazy. Between the yard work, the grass, and the traveling...I'm flat worn out. Not to mention I'm 7 weeks into my training and still have 6 weeks left to go. Luckily, I still really enjoy work. Everyone is great and I'm still learning daily. I guess I'm just ready to get it all behind me ya know? But, it is what it is!

Here is what the last week was like:
Saturday (9/1) - Road to the ranch
Monday (9/3) - Road back from the ranch
Tuesday (9/4) - Road to San Angelo
Wednesday (you get the picture) - ride along from San Angelo to Sonora - 1 south of San Angelo
Thursday - same as wednesday but tack on an hour and a half back to Abilene
Friday - road to San Antonio
Saturday - road back to Abilene

So, it's basically been crazy traveling lately. San Angelo was good though. Find out tomorrow if I landed my first sell without my sales buddies around. So that's good! Bring on the bling bling - haha. The guy I rode with was still on light duty because he had back surgery a few months back....means I got to do all the heavy lifting. BTW - dirty linens that have been sitting in the rain for a few days are A) Heavy B) absolutely disgusting
but, i survived. Back on route tomorrow to make some more money for Cintas.

Recap of my life outside of traveling:
1) closing on our house in SA tomorrow - praise the Lord....seriously
2) grass basically looks the same as it did last week - will post pictures tomorrow
3) put together a book was too big and un-sturdy - took it back
4) picked up my shed which I have to put's still sitting in the box
5) hung out with Jeff and Hayley for supper last night and lunch today - it's awesome getting to hang out with them.
6) champ needs a hair cut
7) boomer barks loud when a door bell rings on tv
8) my hair is still falling out
9) i'm gaining a little where a 34x34 pant - whoda thunk
10) did I mention the back yard still looks the same....oh i did...well it's confirmed

Say a prayer for Julie's grandpa. He has his consultation on Wednesday for his upcoming gall bladder surgery!


Monday, September 3, 2007

September arrives

I can't believe it's September already! I tell you what, it's been a busy/fast year! I love days off! They are awesome.

This weekend we spent time out at the Walker's ranch - I had so much fun! Luckily, cell phones don't work really well out there so there was a lot of time for relaxing. Basically all we did was lounge around. Mike, Barbara, and I did some target shooting which was a lot of fun. They're pretty dang good with a gun....but, I guess I held my own! I know you'll be surprised but Julie decided to stay indoors and forgo her invitation to shoot a shotgun - haha. I found out that hitting a clay taret with a pistol is pretty much impossible - but it was fun to shoot my 9mm since it's been a long time!

Today is a GREAT day. We got the last of the turfalo planted so now we just have to water like it's our job to make sure it spreads. Here's a picture of what the backyard looks like. i'm goin to start taking a pic a week so we can see if it works like they say it does. Should be completely covered in 30-40 days.

Hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend! Hasta Luego