Thursday, October 30, 2008

is it really almost November?

dWhere in the hello has the time gone? Seems like yesterday we were celebrating New years and now it's time for it to get cold again.
This year has absolutely flown by. With every changing season and changing month even, i wonder if time ever slows down. After a year and a half plus of being married, my answer is still no.
Things in Abilene are still good. I'm anxiously waiting for the jack in the box to open....they put the sign up last was a tease - they still have a lot of work to do. It's weird though, they have a patio......with an indoor/outdoor fire place.......That's the last place i want to hang out....i really just want my 4 tacos and bacon/cheddar potato wedges then be on my merry way. But...what do I know...I'm a sales rep....they pay me to sale...not to think.

Today was a great day.....I went to Taco Bell for lunch - got a Cheesy Double Stuffed burrito - like always (it's .99 cents - that rocks) - and got more than i thought...most of the time it comes with beef, rice, and nacho cheese - today - for some reason - they put beans on mine.....that's awesome. Then, I get a call from Double Dave's Pizza. Apparently last time I was there like 2 months ago I put my business card in their fish bowl for a free lunch. Well, they pulled my bcard out today - so between now and next Thursday I'll be getting some free pizza - that rocks.

Champ still whines, Boomer won't leave the dog next door alone, It's week 4 for me (means i work a lot....15 hours on Tuesday - that did not rock), Julie is Julie, working, working out, and cooking, and all is gravy.

We're both looking forward to a nice...relaxing weekend of hanging out at the house. It's been a long time since we've done that.

Hook Em Horns
Go Spurs Go
McCain/Palin better win or I'm moving to costa rica

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

life is good

That pretty much sums it up. Life is good. Julie and I are constantly busy doing something.
We've been out of town the last 2 weekends and had a blast.

We'll start with the Ranch.
We did abolutely nothing all weekend.....It was awesome....Seriously, I didn't even take my guns out of the trunk of the car. So, that being said, obviously I couldn't test out my wrist to see if it was badly injured - Therefore, I came to the conclusion that....wait for it....wait for wrist is fine - how did I come to that conclusion you ask? Because I rock and that's how I roll.
Friday night we got in around 8:30ish, ate dinner. I watched tv until i fell asleep while Julie and her mom sewed. I woke up about 12:30 when her dad got in, hung out for a few minutes, and went back to sleep.
The next day I didn't get up until 10 - which was awesome. Drank some coffee, talked to her dad, and made myself comfortable on the couch for the UT vs OU game. That rocked my face off. Mike and I both thought (probably along with most of America) that UT was going to get killed - but, turns out we were mistaken. What a game. The rest of the afternoon was devoted to eating lunch, taking a nap, watching football, falling asleep again, watching more football, and finally going back to bed.
What a great weekend.

This past weekend we were in Arlington at the Walker's house. I was a bit more active this weekend, but not a lot more active. Friday I got the flu shot (which I haven't gotten in years) and needless to say it didn't sit well with me. i was in a funk the entire drive there. I felt like crap. We got in, ate dinner and ended up meeting Mike up at the high school for Kennedale's homecoming. They've done a lot of renovations to their sports facilities and Mike proudly showed it off to us. (Kennedale won the game with a last second field goal - awesome game)
We then went home and back to sleep I went. Still filling like crap, with nothing to do early on Saturday I slept....and slept....and slept.....I didn't get up until 11:30 - I felt like I was back in college - just like a really old college student who wakes up from sleeping too much - bones cracking and body aching - awesomeness.
We went to lunch at Cheddar's - ooohhhh the Monte Cristo how much I love you.
Julie and I then got ready to go to my good friend from college's wedding. Catherine and Brian got married at Preston Crest Church of Christ. It was awesome seeing everyone again. It's amazing, most of the people there I haven't seen since graduation and yet, everything was just like it was when we left....we're just older, balder, marrieder, maturer (well, not me of course.) But it was a beautiful wedding and we had a great time.
After the wedding it was back to the house guessed it....dinner and football.
Once again, Texas whooped up! They're freaking awesome this year. Sunday morning it was back to Abilene so Julie and I could start preparing for yet another eventful weekend.

This upcoming weekend is ACU's homecoming - GO FREAKING WILDCATS. I bleed purple and white - but not really - that'd be weird.
We have 5 people staying with us.....which I can't wait to see them. It will be a great weekend......
That's really all I have for now.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

nada mucho

Actually, that title is a lie - Julie and I have a bunch of stuff going on.

So a few months ago I hurt my wrist. I have no idea what I did or how I did it but it still hurts. Now I feel like a wimp b/c I can't pick anything up with my left hand.....I have a brace that I refuse to wear because it's not comfortable....I have heat hand deals but they make me look too cool for school. It's really annoying - I need to go to the doctor according to my wife, mom, dad, and everyone else and their dogs but I hate doctors. So, i'll just complain about it instead.
Haha, my way of thinking is I'll test it this weekend - we're going to the ranch and if I can't shoot a shotgun or a rifle without it hurting, i'll go to the doctor....if it doesn't hurt, i'll survive.

This last weekend my parents were in town which is always fun. We did what we always non stop....Roadhouse, catfish fry at the convention center, chilis, jeff's house, and lytle land and cattle...that's where we were all weekend.
It was great seeing them even though my dad was sick - he's had a lot of problems over the last few months and the doctor's don't really know what's causing his pain. He's had mulitple test run with one final colonoscopy left - hopefully that'll help find the root of the problem - keep him in your prayers.

We won our game Monday night - it was a great game - 16-14 making us 1-5 on the season.....I can smell the championship - the way, when your wrist hurts.....don't play softball cause it hurts more.....but, if your wrist hurts and you do play softball, wear a heated hand doesn't help, just makes you look tough or cool.

Last week was absolute insanity. It was our period end which means we do nothing but pump in revenue, work long hours, and hope like heck we hit our numbers. Which, we hit our numbers, pumped revenue, and worked long hours.....We all dread week 4 - but it's all fun and games i guess. I did get a new boss this week which will be fun. They're doing some restructuring and my original boss was promoted......lots of changes going on with lots of opportunity to advance.

Here's the list of what else has been going on:

-Julie's working out
-I'm working on my gut
-Dogs bark a lot and I yell at them
-Julie loves target
-I love the PS3 (Brothers In Arms is an awesome game - I'm addicted)
-Julie dyed her hair and it's looks beautiful
-last week was so long I seriously thought Thursday was Friday......even took the trash out a day early because of it
-I love football
-UT won
-Cowboys won (they looked awful)
-Dogs slept
-I like napping
-I fell asleep on the couch twice this week and woke up the next day (the love seat and i are very close - until I wait up in the morning and can't feel my body)

That's the story of our life for the last few weeks - ain't it grand?!?!?! I'm exhausted just looking at what we've been up too - welp...adios -