Wednesday, October 31, 2007


There's a texas country song called....I've been everywhere.
Basically - the chorus goes......I've been every where man, I've been every where man, drove my tires bare man, I've been every where.
Yeah - so 1,000 miles on my truck since Monday. It's been a crazy week.
Monday - Actually In abilene
Tuesday - Brady and Llano
Wednesday - Eldorado, Sonora, Junction, and Eden
Thursday - Bronte (only an hour away - nice:))
Friday - not going anywhere as of now!

I also decided that Llano is a cool little city and I did not want to come back. It's beautiful.

This is the best time of the year. The weather is great....NFL and college are on....and It's the start of the basketball season. Yes - I think the spurs are going to win it again! Whatever Julie says is a lie:) haha

Halloween was fun - I had to be a gay prince because that's what my wife wanted. She was a beautiful princess....fairy which all the kids mistaked for a butterfly.....they were cute.

I'm ready for Thanksgiving break
Then I'm ready for Christmas break
Then I'll be ready for New Years break

Once again, I love this time of year:)

Monday, October 22, 2007

finally it's fall

Where did fall come from? I don't know but ya know what....I love it! Finally out of the 90's and into the 50's...well 59 was our high today. It's awesome. Makes me want to play some football. Perfect weather.

I had my 13 week evaluation today with my boss and his boss. It was basically an interview plus an assessment on where I'm at. Thank goodness that and training are over with. I had to do more role plays which is no big deal. Answer questions on the spot about our company and if this is the situation how would I respond. Typical business stuff. Needless to say, I sweated through my undershirt but lived to see another day. They said i did a great job, and that we just have a few more things to go over next week. All in all it went well and the job was awarded to me - thank goodness or that'd been interesting.

Today I made 50 phone calls to try to get appointments and new business and what not.....guess how many said got it....all 50. Goes with the territory of sales but it's still frustrating. Especially since i just got my territory and I want to show people I'm competent at selling. but dah well...I'll be in Sonora and Junction tomorrow so that'll give me time in the field by myself.

There is a lot going on since the last time I wrote. ACUs homecoming was this weekend so lots of old friends were in town. Met up with some of them on Friday night...Makes me feel so old. All we did was sit around and talk about the good old days of club. How things have changed and we don't like them. And how we want to petition pledging because it's weak now. Wen't out to the homecoming float (every year at homecoming all of the "pledges" build a float for the parade.) I felt even older knowing that our pledges this year 6 years younger than me. But, needless to say it was fun.
Saturday morning I actually got up for homecoming breakfast at 6:30....decided that they should change it to homecoming brunch and I'd be much happier. It was still good to see everyone and circle up to sing our club song....which a) is still the longest song ever b) I barely remembered all the words. lovely

All in all, things are fantastic in my world. Truly blessed with a great wife and family. I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoys the good weather! Be blessed

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

monday = wow

Jason has a territory now. that's exciting. Listen to what my territory entails:
North of abilene to Munday (hour from OK and TX border)
South of Abilene to Sonora (hour from TX and Mexico border
West of Abilene to Colorado City
Some cities here and there like Mason, Menard, Junction, Brady, Winters, Ballinger, Eden, etc.
That's going to make for a lot of windsheild time ya think?!
I'm really pumped about my new territory. Things are crazy now that I'm trying to plan my days and my territory out. Luckily Garrett and Billy are helping me out or I'd be completely lost.
Any who, that's the good news!

Friday, October 5, 2007

UT vs OU

So, the big rivalry is tomorrow. I'm really excited about getting to go to the game but not sure how excited I will be about the outcome. Texas definitely isn't that good this year....offensive line can't block and when/if you throw 4 picks 1 game - it's going to be difficult to win. Offensive coordinator could be better and the coaching staff needs to tighten up on their players. All in all, it's going to be a long year. I have hope but I'm also realistic. We'll see what happens:)

We're going to see the quads this weekend too. That'll be fun because last time we saw them we couldn't touch them or anything!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Hasta Luego

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I have ideas you see. Here's one. You know how one person likes to sleep under the covers but the other gets too hot and prefers to sleep with just the sheet? I have that problem over here. Julie sleeps with the sheet and I like the comforter. Well, when I get into bed she has the comforter thrown over the footboard, and in order for me to have any comforter at all, I pull it towards me....what happens? Either it comes up on her too causing frustration or i get the point of it which isn't comfortable. Some may say, just get a blanket....but, no...I don't wanna. So, here's what Garrett and I came up with....this is brilliant....
His and Her Comforter.
Top part is a patterned comforter (to the liking of the wife of course) The bottom is yet another comforter. Sew the 2 together but only about a quarter of the way on the bottom....allowing you to flip it over the footboard...the bottom comforter is cut vertically down the middle from the top about 3/4 the length....Therefore - problem solved. She can throw her side over, I can have my side up...and Everyone is happy....

Don't worry, I drew pictures if you'd like to see...i'm not what they like to call "an artist" so they look like poo....but I did sign and date them:)

Watch - tomorrow I'm going to see this on the news or in the store.
Give me some feedback....we kinda want to discuss it with some comforter manufacturers. Cause we be cool like that.

This is what happens when Garrett and I drive somewhere. Too much time for thinking...we come up with crazy ideas and think they're the greatest thnigs ever.

Monday, October 1, 2007

stupid truck I get in my truck to come home from work. rolled the window down to cool it off a bit (by the way - still 90 degrees...what the heck?) When I went to roll it up....i heard a pop and there went the window - back down into the door! Isn't that great! So I'm driving home with the window down....called a few places but no one could get me in until now I have to rig the window so it will stay shut. What do I do? I know you're probably thinking tape it up but, that's just not my style - I still want my ride to look good. So I used PVC pipe and duct tape to rig it. That's not ghetto...That's redneck! Good stuff

What's gone bad this week you might ask?
1) Microwave
2) Window
3) We shall see tomorrow - hopefully nuttin:)