Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reagan Pics

Here are some updated pictures of Reagan. She's precious:)

My favorite picture of my girls

Second favorite picture

we were pooped

Pops, Nana, and Reagan

Church Picture
Church Picture
Reagan before church
Uncle cool (Jon) and Reagan

Grandpa and Reagan

Reagan's First real bath - she doesn't know if she likes it yet.

Reagan staring at her mom - so GQ

Hook Em Horns!!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

where do I begin

So, it's been a long time since I or Julie has "blogged." Things around here have been a bit crazy to say the least.
First things first - Reagan and Julie are doing great!
Reagan has been such a blessing and Julie and I are beyond thrilled to have her in our life.
People that have kids say it often and it's so true - I don't know what I would do without her in my life.
I'll take you back to the day Reagan was born. I was nervous and Julie was calm (shocker.)
When we went back to the operating room my stomach was in my throat. I was so excited, nervous, ect and honestly thought I was going to pass out. You see, they put a hood curtain thing up in front of Julie so she couldn't see what was going on but Jason was in plain sight of what was going on down there....I don't do blood or guts.....I was breathing heavy and apparently turned white (according to Julie.) The nurses kept asking if I was ok and I'd respond with a nod (that's all I could do.)
Then I heard the most amazing sound - Reagan cry for the very first time. At that moment my stomach eased and I could breath normally again. That's all it took and everything else just faded away. When they put her in my arms it was a moment that I'll never forget.
Julie handled the operation great - a little more bleeding than normal but that runs in her family - and away Reagan and I went to the nursery.
When we got to the nursery everyone got to huddle around the window - took about 3 gagillion pictures and it was back to recovery we went so Julie could hold her for the first time.

We are proud parents and I know that both sets of grand parents are beyond thrilled!!!!

The hospital stay was good and everything went smooth for the most part. Reagan had a slight case of Jaundice which apparently is normal for newborns but other than that she's been healthy and happy.
She's finally gaining weight and is up to 8 lbs 9 ounces (she's got a belly - it's cute)
I know there is so much more going on and that has happened so here's a run down:

1) I was off for a week and a half to spend time with Julie and Reagan - it was hard to go back to work
2) I decided to build a fence on the back side of the house - that was a stupid Idea - totalled about 12 feet wide and it only took me 3 weekends and about 20 hours - I'm no handy man
3) I also decided getting a sinus infection a few days ago was a good idea - once again that was stupid
4) Now have a house keeper to help clean for 3 hours every other week - it's awesome
5) I have an amazing wife
6) Drs were worried about Reagan's weight since she hadn't gained any since being born - but she put on 5 ounces in 2 days to they're happy
7) Reagan had to have an ultra sound on her hips since she was breech and everything turned out fine (poor girl has been in the doctors office more than she's been home almost)
8) I work WAY too much - last week was a 60+ hour week
9) Reagan's umbilical cord fell off this morning - woohoo - no more screaming sponge baths:)
10) Reagan gets cuter and cuter every day
11) Reagan's announcement pictures will melt your heart
12) She can have whatever she wants:) ahah

I hope everyone is doing well and thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. We're truly blessed. My next post will be some pictures of how Reagan has changed - hard to believe that she'll be a month old on Tuesday - pretty sure she's almost driving by now!!!!