Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Things to do before we move

I love lists now - I think it's I married an organizational nazi!

1) Paint
a) Stairs
b) door
c) trim
2) carpets cleaned (Thursday at noon)
3) move stuff out of the garage (holy wow - it's ridiculous how much stuff we have in there)
4) Sell the house
5) Buy a house
6) Pack
7) Peace out
8) Work on my hand stands
10) have fun

My wife will read this and probably add eleventy billion items....but this list is good for me!! Makes me think that we don't have that much to do:)


Suzanne said...

hey...CONGRATS!!! super excited for you and julie! and how fun to move close to big bro! i love living near collin & ashley now. i'll be praying for yalls move and buying/selling houses and such! God IS good!!

Mags said...

I'm so happy for you! Welcome back to West Texas, you two! I TOLD you God would take care of you!!!!!!

Now, as a part time job, I suggest waiting tables at Perini. Everyone's doing it....

Love you both!