Wednesday, April 23, 2008

holy crap we won

You're not going to believe this....coming from the team that once lost 45-10....but....we WON on Monday night. 11-9. I can't believe it but we actually started playing well. It was awesome. I guess that's what it feels like to win the world series....or close to it.
We were down 5 in the last inning and went on a hitting frenzy. Scored 7 and held them to 3 up 3 down in the final half of the inning. So stoked!

The floors look great still - we love them. Champ and Boomer have no traction on them what so ever so it's very entertaining watching them slide all over the place. Champs (poor guy needs a helmet anyway) is like a pinball - just bounces from one wall to the next.
We need to get some grips for the bottom of the couches because he'll run as fast as he can, jump on the couch, and it'll fly back.
These floors are also fun for me. I find myself when I'm bored, putting on some socks and busting a Saved by the bell slide. It's entertainment - at least for me! haha

This weeks ventures:
Monday: Actually in Abilene
Tuesday: Brownwood (I met up with our route guy and ended up helping him slacks and dress shoes....not so comfortable)
Wednesday: Ballinger (It frapping poured like crazy here - bad thunderstorms)
Thursday: Stephenville
Friday: Cisco or Eastland or Coleman or who knows

I'm a travelin' fool. Mileage on truck now: 59361 (ouch)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

floors etc

It's been a weekend. Friday we did not do a lot except get groceries and watch tv (I know, we're old)
Saturday, however, was different. I met up with some friends to play a little play I mean attempt to play. I'm awful. Of course, it was my first time on the golf course since 2004 (last time I was in Maui) I had a blast but needless to say, I need some practice before I go make a fool out of myself again. I think I shot a 120 - haha no joke. Apparently in the game of golf, it's the lowest score wins.I thought I was doing good. haha I had a lot of fun and got nice and sun burned.
Saturday night we go to go out to Perini Ranch. Julie's boss gave her a gift certificate out there b/c she's doing such a great job. We love that place....great jalapeno bites, steak, catfish, and bread pudding.
Today we went to church, Julie cleaned, and I mowed the grass/weeds. our backyard is nasty with weeds. They're nice and green thoughI also had softball pratice this afternoon. So between the golf, mowing, and practice - I'm all kinds of tired.

Here are the much anticipated pics of our new flooring. They did a great job and we really like them! There are a few touch ups that need to be done but other than that - it's complete.

Carpet and furniture

Carpet and no furniture (duh)

Furniture on concrete (that was comfortable)

painted with killz

hallway with killz

Ta Daa

Hallway to master bedroom (bonus pic with dogs)

Hallway going to other bedrooms

Sunday, April 13, 2008

the ranch

Just got back from the ranch and it was AWESOME as usual.

Here's a list of what I had to eat:
1) Homemade bacon/cheddar scones (amazing)
2) oatmeal cookies
3) grilled cheese
4) soup
5) lasagna
6) chocolate crepes
7) cream cheese with rasberry chipotle sauce
8) chicken
9) ham
10) potato casserole
11) chips and queso
12) fiber one bars

I gained about 4 pounds - seriously.

BUT, SUCCESS! I shot a turkey - here are the photos:

20+ pounds, 10" beard, 1 inch long spurs

dead turkey, jason, champ with his stuffed turkey
I shot this Saturday morning - it took me by surprise. We didn't hear/see anything else all weekend. It was a bit windy for them to call and move around but at least I got to shoot one.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


This week has been very stressful for me with work. I've lost 2 big accounts this week alone to the competition due to our prices being higher. I cannot tell you have frustrating and draining that is. I work hard, I do what I'm supposed to and to have 3 weeks in a row with low numbers is getting old! I know, everyone has their highs and lows and you have to take it while it's there, but I'm too competitive for that crap.
I have 1 more account thats pretty huge that I should hear back on tomorrow or early next week, and if that one falls through as well, I'll be spent.

Oh well - it's camo and killing this weekend - so I have that to look forward too. 1 more day of work - hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

and so it begins

We got everything squared away for the flooring in the living room and hallways last week. We're hoping to have it done Monday or Tuesday of next week. We couldn't be more excited. Not sure if it's to actually get the flooring installed or for it to be over.

This past weekend we took up all the baseboards...didn't take too long and I didn't think it was that bad until I woke up Monday morning sore as all get out. My hands are raw and scratched, I actually got carpet burn - which is awesome. but that was done and I thought it was a downhill slide. I was badly mistaken.

Today we started ripping up carpet so we could clean and paint the concrete. It was insane. Awful odor - No way it was our dogs either! Once we got all the carpet and carpet pad out it was time to rip up the carpet tacks/nails whatever have you. Whoever put our carpet in sucked because they used a nail in some cases every 1/2 inch. Needless to say - we got everything up and out...put the couches back and even a rug to make it more "homey" looking. It looks awful.
Tomorrow we'll start the cleaning process which will be loads of fun. Hopefully NOW it's a downhill slide....or crawl....or flop - anything to keep it moving.

We took pictures today - before with carpet and furniture, before w/ carpet and no furniture, before w/o carpet or furniture, and before without carpet but with furniture.
We'll post those next week after we get the floors installed! The countdown begins.

This weekend we're going to one of my top 5 favorite places.....THE RANCH!! It's so relaxing and peaceful. An unbelieveable place to just get a way for a few days!! Julie typically lays around and watches tv and I 75% of the time and walking around with a pistol, chasing cows, riding 4 wheelers, acting like I'm a rancher type a dude - (by the way....Came up with a new genre of have the metro dude who dresses nice and is into luxury....and you have a redneck who loves to hunt, fish, shoot guns, I've combined the 2 to come up with.....Metro Neck - Likes to dress nice during the week but it's camo and killing on the weekends - I's gay....but I thought it was funny:)

I can't is Turkey season which means i have 4 turkeys to shoot!!! Hopefully we'll see more than we did last year - we saw 1 small tom that appeared out of now where....I flipped my gun around and just pulled the trigger....obviously not aiming because who needs that. Yeah - he flew away. There are tons of turkey at the are a few pics of what we have to look forward too.

That's what I'm talking about

Yeah that's a hog

Monday, April 7, 2008

man....I hate losing

but, we're pretty good at it. tonight was a rough night. We did manager to score a season high 8 runs BUT that goes out the window when you give up 45.....yes I said 45...Embarrassing.

I'm still really competitive but I'm learning to control my frustrations. Slowing but surely.

things really seem to be popping around here. Should find out about a HUGE account I've been working on this week and still traveling a lot. That being said....isn't gas ri-donkulously high?!?! It cost me 90 bucks to fill up the other day - and that was when it was 3.19 a gallon - it's now 3.31.....I'm nervous. I need a bike. Might be hard to bike my way to stephenville but I think I'd survive!!!

We are getting wood flooring put in next week - It makes me excited except for the fact that the pre work is not so fun. We got all of the baseboards taken down this weekend which was a chore. Now we just have to pull up the carpet...killz the floor...and the new stuff can be installed. It's going to be awesome!!!

Things left to do on the house after the flooring is done:

1) decorate the Living room, guest bedrooms, and master bedroom
2) fix up the study
3) get grass in the back yard - it's nasty weeds and abilene red mud - lovely
4) buy a new house - hahaha

Any who - I'm out

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

lots to catch up on

I'm so lazy when it comes to writing blogs.
My birfday was absolutely incredible. Family and friends did WAY too much but it was much appreciated.
For starters, my wife had sent out puzzle pieces to my parents, her parents, her grandparents, and yes, even Champ and Boomer for me to put together. So, there it was....a beautiful Saturday and she let me open my cards early....i put together the puzzle and quickly turned into a giddy little was a PS3 (as most of you know I've been wanting for since they came out)
She then, however, told me that I couldn't get it until that next weekend b/c we had to get the rest of the money...bummer.....but WAIT.....i walked away and turned around and there was a beautifully wrapped BIG box....and what was inside....nothing but a PS3 - i was ecstatic. But, that wasn't it....she then hands me 3 other with guitar hero, one with Call of Duty 4, and the other was an extra remote. I couldn't tell you how excited i was so here are some pictures....

We then ate dinner with a bunch of friends at Perini Ranch, had a dang good time....came back and ate some ice cream cake from Coldstone - it was awesome.

2 weekends ago we had a great weekend in Arlington. As usual, I ate way too much but really enjoyed getting to hang out with the family. Sunday, Julie and I with, Charla and her friend, Tim, went to the Mavs/Spurs game. This doesn't need to be said but it's worth pointing out....I'm a HUGE Spurs fan and Julie likes the, I like to lose big game Mavs. It was awesome - they had a guitar challenge before the game....I won...just kidding - there was one dude that was ridiculous at that frapping game.
but, the Spurs did win which made it a lot more fun for me. At least it was a good game - except that Dirk got hurt...Eva Longoria was about 15 yards from where we sat - that was cool.

HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Can't believe it's been a year already since we said "I Do." Time really does go by fast but it has been an amazing year. I truly am blessed with such an amazing wife that loves me unconditionally and is my best friend. Married life is such a blessing through the good and the tough times. We've learned a lot about each other and ourselves and continue to grow each day. It's weird, with as much traveling as I do....and typically just day trips, I find myself missing Julie more and more with each passing day when I'm gone. Not like a I can't function miss her, but just said that she can't see some of the neat things I get to see in the small....po-dunk towns I travel too. She's amazing and I look forward to many more good years!!
That being said - we did get to go to Fredericksburg this weekend. Man, we had a great time. WAY too much food and WAY too much walking but it was dang fun. It was great getting away for a few days just to enjoy each others company again. The food was awesome, the stores were cool,, I miss the hill country. It's so beautiful.

On that note....I did however manage to get in the dog house on Monday. I'm such an idiot....With the awesome weekend we had it completely just left my mind to get her flowers or even a card. WHOOPS!! Even my mom and dad were mad because they definitely taught me better than that. I felt horrible for be so dumb. Learned my lesson pretty quick....Unfortunately I have to wait until next year to rectify that! 365+ days of being married....365+ days of being in the dog house. hahaha - just kidding...but seriously, it's amazing how are......oh well!!

Welp - I'm done - sorry for the long blog - I'll do better at posting more frequently...maybe