Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I actually worked today

Wow, what a feeling. I actually had to get up this morning....and learn stuff. It was great being back at work.
I had my ride a long today with the rep in San Antonio. It was great actually seeing first hand some of what I would be doing. You would never think it but there is A LOT more that goes into it than I ever dreamed.
I talked to a rep that had been with the company for 2 weeks and he showed me the huge 4 inch binder full of stuff I have to read. About 2 hours of reading a night for the first 13 weeks (training period.)
The rep i did my ride a long with was great. We had a few sales calls and a few just drop in calls to say Hi.
I'm looking forward to the challenge of starting fresh in a new city as well as doing something that is completely different than what I'm used to.
With SR I was talking to high level executives with a minimum yearly revenue of $60K (on up to 1.4 million dollars) With Cintas, I will be calling on mainly smaller facilities with 4-50 workers total and selling about 50-400 bucks a week in revenue. So the role is quite different but it will give me a great chance to make good money and live in a city that's perfect for Julie and I (and the kids:))

Hopefully tomorrow we'll get a showing on our house. So far, in the past week, we've had 2. None since Saturday!!! We're getting antsy since I'm leaving thursday for Abilene. but what can you do?

I'm tired which is why there are probably typos in this blog....but guess what....I DON'T CARE:)

adios senors y senoritas.....hasta luego.

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Caleb said...

That is alot of studying! Hope the house sells soon and ya'll don't have to spend too much time apart.