Wednesday, July 18, 2007

That's what I'm talking about

Wow, these past few days have been crazy hectic.
SR countdown.......................................................1 day and a few hours!!!! It can't come fast enough!

We have some great news though....i had my 2nd interview today (which we thought would be my last before the job offer.) It went extremely well and he passed me on the 3rd and FINAL interview. I have a phone interview with the VP of sales tomorrow (Thursday) at 9:00 am.
"My" soon to be manager basically said since I got to this stage that i was a shoe in!
Praise the Lord because he is faithful and true to His word.
Thank you all so much for your continual thoughts and prayers for Julie and I. It is greatly appreciated!
So, it looks like Julie and I will be Abilenians again! CANNOT WAIT!!!!
It was so amazing visiting Jeff and Hayley this past weekend and we are so excited about the great journey that lies ahead.

Ya know, I did a lot of driving this weekend. Never once were we stopped by traffic and I never got frustrated (as I do often) while driving with stupid people on the road. It is going to be great for my blood pressure to get back to a city that people actually....kinda....know how to drive!!!!
Of coure, as soon as we got back to SA, 2 people cut me off within 2 minutes of each other! I LOVE SA!!!!

My list of reasons to move back to Abilene:
1) Job
2) Jeff and Hayley
4) Traffic
5) Construction
6) Drivers
7) Rosa's
8) Taco Bueno
9) Slow pace of life
10) cheaper living
11) Because Julie wants to move there
12) Most importantly, Julie and I really believe that this is the place that God wants us to be.

Once again, we thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. The Lord is faithful and our family and friends are by far the best!

God bless each of you!!!


Barbara said...

13. To be closer to your wonderful mother-in-law!! I love it, I love you, I can't wait!!!!!!

Barbara said...
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