Sunday, November 30, 2008

I had an Awesome time

Well...Thanksgiving has come and gone - which is a bummer. I love Thanksgiving. Great time with family and LOTS....and LOTS of food. That's how we roll in our family. We make enough to feed a small army (as my dad always says) This year was no exception. We had the usual....
Fried Turkey
CasserolePapa's corn (the best stuff ever)
mashed potatos
Creme Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Dirt Cake
All of the food was absolutely amazing - good enough to each 3 times in the 2 days we were in Boerne.
Julie and I got to Boerne Thursday around 11:30. Which, we said hello and howdy, and got down to business - eating. After lunch we hung our for a while then got ready to go to Austin.

My dad last week won 4 tickets to the UT vs A&M game which started at 7:00 that night.So Jeff, my mom and dad, and I booked it to Austin, go there around 5:30 to go to the pre-game party State Farm had set up for us. It was awesome - we walked into the tent while the cheerleaders were doing some cheer.....lalalalala.
While we went to the game - Julie and Hayley went to see a movie - I don't know what it's called but it's the one with Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon......the only part in the movie I know from the commercials is where the baby throws up on Reese and Vince says - I'm going to vomit - i thought that was hilarious because I have this feeling that's how it's going to be if I see baby vomit.
Back to Austin....we had a blast!!!! That stadium is absolutely amazing! I havent' been there since Senior year of college - before they did all the renovations. The Jumbotron is enormous -pretty much takes up my entire neighborhood - and the game was obviously great for me.Here are some pics from the game:
Blury but totally Awesome

Da Boys

Close up of Jumbotron



Stadium from our seats

Pre-Game warm ups

We got back around 12 that night and were starving - so we heated up left overs before we all went to bed (Julie went to bed about 9:00pm - yeah she's old;)
Friday was fun - Julie and Hayley decided to get up at the butt crack of before dawn to hit up the shops - they left the house around 5:30 am - yes - i said am - talk about die hards.....they didn't get back until after noon. That's a lot of shopping.
The rest of the day we pretty much hung out. Ate some more - Julie napped and we all watched tv. That afternoon Jeff, Dad, and I went out to shoot some pistols. My dad wants to get a hand gun and so he was shooting ours to see what he likes.....Jeff has a Glock 9mm and .45cal (both compact - and I have the full size Glock 9mm. So we went through about 10 rounds and had some fun shooting some stuff! I love shooting - it's awesome.
That night we went to Boerne on the Square. It's where they close down main street to traffic and open up all the shops until about 10 or so. That was fun.....i mean....that was ok.....i mean.....i was tired of walking - we'll put it that way.
I saw half my graduating class which was cool - julie bought some stuff....we went in 1 store that smelt like a nursing home gone bad but all in all they had some cool stuff to look at.
We took Champ and Boomer...Jeff and Hayley took Patton - Abby had surgery on Tuesday so she didn't get to join in the festivities. Patton was a little skeptical of Champ....for some reason....but it was entertaining to say the least.

So Saturday morning we woke up early and hit the road about 8:00 am. Champ and Boomer were pooped
Any who - it was a great Thanksgiving - we had a blast - now it's back to the grind of work - boooooooorrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnng.
I hope everyone had a great and safe Thanksgiving. We truly do have a lot to be Thankful for!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

wicked awesome

things around here have been crazy!!!
Work has been absolutely great - a lot of great opportunities finally starting to hit!
This past weekend we went to Arlington to celebrate Barbara's, Jon's, and Julie's bdays - yes....all 3 in November (my mom's in november 30th) - we had a great time.
Saturday Mike, Jon, and I went to the gun range to shoot some pistols -
-Jason - 9mm
-Jon - 45
-Mike 380
We had a great time - it's been too long since I've shot a gun!
We then went to Chessecake Factory - that place rocks.
Saturday afternoon went as follows.....
I'm not kidding, I really took about 4 naps Saturday - it was amazing - I got caught up on some much needed sleep since last week was crazy at work.
Sunday was another great day - we went to church then high-tailed it over to Irving for the Cowboy's/49ers game. The entire family went which was awesome. Before the game we had lunch at the stadium in the Stadium grill which - i ate too much. It was a buffet and the food was great. I ate:
1) Bacon
2) breakfast casserole
3) omlette
4) shrimp
5) chicken stuffed with pear
6) potatos
7) dessert
We then went out at half time to our seats and watched Dallas whoop up on San Fransisco - it was great.
Then we had to get on the road and head back to Abilene!!
What else has been going on? Here's a run down.
Julie's bday was Tuesday - we went to Olive Garden with Jeff and Hayley
Tuesday I was in San Angelo - on the truck - I needed a break from sales so I helped out my co-worker getting his stops done
Wednesday I was in Abilene
Thursday I was in Abilene
Friday I was back in San Angelo to wrap up and start a few jobs.
It's very....very rare that I have a Christmas list but this's rather it is.
Laser sight for my 9mm

Ariat Rambler boots

AK 47

Remington Tactical Shotgun

Hunting Bow

Why does it seem like the older you get the more expensive your toys are? I also want a bunch of stuff for my's that list:

  1. Rhino Liner
  2. 10" sub
  3. CD/DVD/Navigation Deck
  4. front and rear speakers
  5. remote start (I have this, just have been too lazy to get it put on - plus i can't find anyone to do it)
  6. grill guard

That's all she wrote!!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Roller Coaster

That pretty much sums up my week in a nut shell.
It has been crazy. I have gone through every emotion this week.....happy, sad, hacked off, drugged up (I'll explain later), hacked off again...and again....and again....confused and so on.

Obama won the election which is where a lot of my "hacked offness" came from. I honestly thought to myself the night before the election that there was no way....once people were in the booth...could they ever pull the lever for Obama. But, I, obviously was wrong.
I cannot understand how people can honestly feel comfortable electing a man that we know so little about. The news media did a great job avoiding the issues, the dirt, and the words actually used by B.O.
Key concerns:
1) His associations (Ayers, Wright, etc.)
2) Taxes - for those people that actually think they will not be affected by the tax increases, you are sadly mistaken. You had to have noticed how the tax increases mentioned went from those making 250k plus down to 200k plus, down to 150k plus.....that number will only continue to drop. And I don't know about you....but I don't like working 60 hours a week just to see most of that money pulled out of my paycheck and given to someone who is too lazy to work.

Not only taxes on personal income but on businesses as well.
1 of 3 things can happen - which none are good. Business will not be able to afford these tax increases so they'll a) pass them on to the consumer (no company pays taxes - it's all passed a long to us) b) businesses will shut down - meaning more job loss c) they will move over seas - where we'll have more job loss and be paying a premium to import their goods/services
3) Gun laws - enough said - I wish I had money to go buy every gun I could find:)
4) Abortion

But, you know what, there isn't anything we can do now but pray. Believe me...I hope and pray that Obama succeeds as president. It's obviously in the country's best interest. I hope and pray that what I think is going to happen - turns out to be false. My confidence in politicians in completely shot as is, so now all we can do is trust in the Lord and know full well that HE will deliver.

Any who - I'm done with politics - done with Washington - wish they'd fire EVERYONE up there and start from scratch.

Here's how the rest of my week went.....I only worked about 3 days this week. Thursday I had a dentist appointment with Jeff (it's still really weird for my brother to work on my toofs.) He did a great job......BUT....luckily for me, the tooth he was working on ended up having to be pulled - getting ready for an implant.
So the rest of the day thursday I was drugged up and looked like I got jacked in the mouth. I couldn't talk really....I drooled a lot...bled a lot....slept a lot....ate soft foods......and went back to bed. Friday it was pretty much the same thing. Went to work to catch up on what I missed the day before, left at 1 - went back to bed for a few hours......then it was time for dinner.

So, it's been a crazy week. Now it's time for bed meds are kicking in.
Goodnight people! God bless you and keep you.

Monday, November 3, 2008


So tonight was an interesting's how it went down....
-ref wasn't great
-other team was.....trash talking
-i slid "belly flopped" into second...created a new slide - so not only is my wrist jacked up but so is my knee - got some nice battle wounds - but i was safe
-my buddy was ejected
-the ref made up an excuse to call the game
-game over - we lost a lot to a little

gotta love church softball

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Great game....didn't end up like I wanted it to but whatever. Tech came ready to play and Texas looked like it just rolled out of bed. Too many mistakes (dropped passes, missed tackles, dropped interceptions.)

But, there is still a lot of football left to be played.

Once again.....great's a classic. Hook Em Horns

On another note, I actually went to the doctor yesterday to get my hand checked out...they took xrays and the doctor said there was nothing broken.....well duh....I knew that....also said there was no tendon damage or anything. Great, so my wrist hurts and I'm making it up.
It was odd though, he said if it was still bothering me ove the next few days then i should go see an ortho surgeon....DOES THAT MAKE SENSE TO ANYONE?!?!?! YOU JUST SAID MY WRIST/HAND WAS FINE - NOW I NEED TO SEE A SURGEON?!?! HUH?