Saturday, July 14, 2007

Just for fun

Ok, so now I have to post a blog that's more Jason Webb style!!!

Crazy, scary, awesome, cool, wowza news: 5 work days left until I am done with my current job. WAHOO!!!
I'm not excited or anything:)

Random Thoughts
1) You wanna know what the most annoying song you can get in your head? Well, not even a song.....the stupid tones of the ice cream truck. For some unknown reason I had that in my head for like 2 hours today! It drove me absolutely crazy!!!
2) Champ has woken Julie and I up at 4:30 for the past 3 nights.......he doesn't realize yet that I'm not a morning person.
3) We need more Taco Buenos in San Antonio. 1 that is 20 minutes from my house just isn't cutting it.
4) queso with meat is very good on top of broccoli
5) I ate too much for super.....(2 servings of chicken, sausage, broccoli, potatos, and corn)
6) Its 2:17am and i'm delirious


Suzanne said...

you crazy cuz! i love ya!

Caleb said...

Taco Bueno is essential.