Tuesday, March 11, 2008

flat worn out

Time change is killing me. I'm exhausted!! Oh well.

So, Yesterday I went over 55,000 miles in my truck. Sad day I tell you. It's almost 3 years old now which I guess isn't too bad except for the fact that when I started in my territory a little over 3 months ago it had 42000 miles on it. Yup 13000+ miles in 3-4 months. I'm not mathematician looks like this year alone I'll put on about 52000 miles on my truck. Man, I sure as heck hope not.

This weeks schedule:

Today - I was in Stephenville
Tomorrow - San Saba
Thursday - Brownwood
Friday - Clyde then Cisco

Oh well - work is going well at least. I have several big things working so that's good. Gas here is now 3.19/gallon. Ouch.

Last night we got to eat at Perini Ranch. There was a Texas Restaurant Association meeting there and the president of the TRA came in to speak. It was awesome. The meal was free which made it that much better. i was proud of myself - I only ate about 15 bacon wrapped jalapenos!

really, that's about all I've got for the night

Thursday, March 6, 2008


So today has been exciting to say the least.

I had an appointment in Stephenville at 10:00 this morning - so I get up to leave, make my way to the office and it starts to sleet. Not bad sleet but just kind of annoying sleet. The longer I wait to leave the office the harder the sleet gets. No big deal - I figured once I got out of Abilene I would miss the weather and all would be gravy. I'm an idiot. The drive to S-ville wasn't bad - just a little rain here and there.....Then - it started sleeting like mad when I pulled into S-ville. turned on the windsheild wipers and I'll be danged if the dirver side wiper didn't come off the hinge.....it's 30 degrees and sleeting while I'm changing this stupid wiper.

So I have my appointment and we signed the deal so that was great. It's still sleeting so I decide to call it a day and head back to Abilene. about 30 miles south of Eastland it starts to snow.....not just a little bit but a full out blizzard. Snow flakes as big a round as a golf ball - no lie. I don't think anything of it cause I can handle a little snow. Well, it keeps snowing and snowing and the temp keeps dropping. The bad part about snow is it's good at covering up ice on the road. Man, it was wicked slick out there. So I'm poking along, IN 4 WHEEL DRIVE- driving about 40mph when all of a sudden I start to slide. no big deal right?!?! Well, I started to panic when my back end slide to the left....into on-coming traffic....side ways....so I'm freaking out and there's really nothing you can do except ride it out. So....I'm still sliding sideways - in oncoming traffic (basically if someone hit me - they'd hit right at the driver side door) then I get a little grip and the back end decides that it wants to do 180 degree turn so now I'm back on my side of the road....still sliding sideways. Finally I slid into the ditch where the grass and 3" of powder stopped me.
What a rush - not a good rush - but a rush.

So I start creeping along just trying to make it to Eastland so I can wait out the storm. It took me about 30 minutes to go 7 miles. The snow finally let up enough to where I could get on the road but it was intense. cars all along the median spinning wheels and all. Glad that's over.

but - my truck made it and I made it so that's good. At least I got a sale out of the craziness of today:)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Prayers for our family

We found out today that 2 of our 2nd cousins are sick.

Savannah - the little quad who is my cousin Suzanne and Joe's baby is going to under go surgery within the next few weeks for 2 separate issues. She has kidney reflux as well as a UPJ obstruction (I have no clue what that is.) She recently turned 7 months old and is the most precious baby.

Traber - Julie's cousin Jared and his wife Kristin's baby has either meningitis or full blown pneumonia. He's in critical condition as of tonight. He's only about 3 months old!!

Please keep both Suzanne and Joe and Jared and Kristin in your thoughts and prayers as well as our entire family.

We love you all so much - thank you for everything you do for us.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


So - once again it's been a while since I've posted. I know you guys are extremely disappointed in the fact that you have no idea what's going on in my ever so exciting life....so here's the run down.

Work has been crazy busy - lots of traveling but business is getting better. Friday wrapped up our 3rd quarter which means that quotas are either hit or missed. Luckily, this is the first full quarter for me to be in the field and I hit my quota - which is awesome. Quarter 4 is setting up to be an amazing quarter sales wise. I'm finally getting my pipeline full and looking forward to making some extra cash:)
I still get a little stressed at work for the mere fact that I'm counted on to produce each and every week. Luckily for me - There have only been 2 weeks that I haven't sold anything - The week I was in Houston for training and Christmas week - but I'm still stressed at the fact that I'm not selling as much as I'd like. but - it is what it is and we're rockin' and rollin' now.

Gas is eating my lunch - I need a small car that gets like eleventy billion miles to the gallon - current prices in Abilene average about 3.09/gallon - when you drive a 4x4 truck - it's not so much fun filling up - especially with as much as I drive

We have cows - last weekend Julie and I surprised the in laws and grandparents at the ranch for the afternoon. 3 cows got into their property so Mike, Jim, and I had to shew them away. Well - I was like a little kid and tormenting them with the 4 wheeler after they were out on the road - but ya know - they weren't near as scared of me as I thought - I'd drive up close to them and hit the brakes....they looked at me like "Who is this guy." Needless to say I had fun.

Last week I spent a day in Dublin - home of the Dublin Dr. Pepper....It's extremely bad for you but it's so good - I ended up drinking about 80 oz of this Dr. Pepper that's made with Imperial Sugar - guess I should give my brother a call and get him to fix my cavities - haha

This weeks agenda
Monday - in the office
Tuesday - in Menard
Wednesday - office for training and phone blocking
Thursday - In Brownwood or Stephenville
Friday - In Eastland

What a great week it'll be on the road.

I'm playing softball for the church league which starts up at the end of the month - it should be entertaining considering the fact that I haven't come close to batting in about 4 years.

I turn 26 on the 17th - holy wow I'm gettng old
I'm getting balder and rounder

Our 1 year anniversary is on the 31st - Time has flown by. We're so excited though b/c we're spending the weekend in Fredericksburg to celebrate. Nice hotel and great food makes for a great weekend. Julie and I have truly been blessed this year with the love and support of an amazing family and great friends. With out everyone's thoughts and prayers we definitely would not be where we're at.
We're so fortunate to be back in a city where faith is everywhere and we've found a great church home to be apart of.
I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for our future.

Dang it - it's hailing here - AGAIN - second time tonight....my poor truck

Any way - That's all I have for now.