Sunday, July 8, 2007

Great Weekend

This was a great and lazy weekends. I love those kind of weekends.
Friday night, Julie and I did absolutely nothing. It was glorious. I really enjoyed spending time with her! With everything going on it seems like we're both going 90mph non stop.
Around 12:30 (Saturday morning) Boomer heard something outside and started going awol. We had no idea what he was barking at but he sensed something. It was crazy!!! So, being the brave husband I am....I got to walk around with a loaded pistol to check everything out. I knew there was probably nothing wrong but it gave me a good excuse to have my gun in my hand (I'm a huge dork that does not get to shoot his 9mm enough) haha
We finally calmed him down and all was good for the night. He still hasn't acted the same since. In fact, today (Sunday) we had to give him a sleeping pill so he would calm down. I know I know...we're great parents, but he was driving us nuts. Almost to the point that physical abuse seemed like a winning answer. Needless to say, the pill worked and he slept like a baby.
Champ, still has no idea what's going and barks at everything just for the heck of it. He loves to hear himself growl - which is not so much impressive or scary. More or less just annoyingly cute.
Saturday, Julie and I went to see License to Wed. It was pretty dang funny. Of course, they never show reality in any kind of married life - which all my experience of being married, things don't always turn out like you'd like them too. HAHA But it was fun going on a date again.
Julie is a GREAT cook. I got very lucky and am getting extremely spoiled. I don't know what's going to happen when her work picks up and I have to start cooking lunch and dinner again. Microwavable I come!!!! Good stuff, just like I'm back in college.

Well, I have 2 job interviews this week. 1 in Austin on Tuesday with American Health Imaging. I would basically be a marketing/PR rep in promoting the services they offer (diagnostic testin such as MRIs and Catscans etc.) Would be a great job and a great opportunity to move to Austin to really get my foot in the door for future careers. So we'll see how it goes.
The other interview is a 2nd interview with a Regional Sales manager. It is another phone interview for a graphics company. I would be selling their commercial print services (marketing pieces, 4 color, digital processing, etc) basically throughout Texas, NM, LA, and OK. As much as I do want to be in the print industry anymore, I cannot afford to be picky. So we'll see how it goes.

That's all i have for now.
SR countdown - 12 days until unemployment - getting nervous but I know that God still has a plan. Patience is still not a virtue of mine but I'm learning. Ask Julie - ;)
Peace out homies.


LindzShae said...

Good luck with the interviews!!!

Caleb said...

lol, I am the same way with my guns!

Robyn said...

This is great info to know.

Anonymous said...

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