Saturday, August 4, 2007

what it is yo

So, it has been a crazy few days.
Between working in the plant, running routes, and working 12 hour days......good stuff
Monday I have to be at the office at the am!! It will be a miracle if I can get up that early.
But all is well because I got to come to Arlington to come see my beautiful wife. It' was over a week since we had seen each other. So it's been great. Boomer and Champ both went nuts when I walked into the backyard. It was sweet and very slobbery.
So now we're here.
Today we're going to see my cousin Suzanne who just gave birth to quads. She's doing well and the babies are being constantly monitored. 1 baby might have a problem with a valve openning in the heart causing breathing problems but they will scan the heart today and determine the course of action. They will either treat it with meds or have to a procedure...but only if the problem does not correct itself. Keep their family in your prayers during the exciting but anxious time.
Update on the house - we signed the contract on Wednesday and I actually got to pick up the keys on Thursday. Sunday I'll be spending the 1st night in the new house!! Julie and I could not be more excited!

More to come.....We're outty 5000! haha how old school is that

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audria said...

I hope ya'll sell the house soon so ya'll can be in the same place. It was good seeing you this weekend.