Sunday, April 19, 2009


This weekend has been nice. Julie and I were shopping and registering Saturday!!
I actually woke up early because i went to bed early....which is not like me. Work was hectic last week and for the first time since I've been with Safety-Kleen my numbers were awful - actually they were worse than awful. So, Friday I fell asleep around 7:30pm - that's right! I feel like an old man. So, I woke up around 6:30 and started cleaning some stuff around the house. Once Julie woke up and got ready we hit the road....We went to.....
1) Mall (JC Penny, Dillards, Maternity store, Rick's Sporting Goods) - every time I walk into a mall I immediately get tired - I don't know why - it's weird
2) Target - returned a few things but didn't even shop at all - now that's a great day at Target for me
3) Kid's Village - one of the coolest kids stores - they have everything. We registered for a lot of cool's my list of what impressed me
a) Turtle Star light thingy - You turn this sucker on and it lights up the walls with stars - 3 different colors - it's cool, I wanted one for my room

b) Shaggy rug - that thing was soft, I wanted it - We want a light tan

c) Amazing glider - fluffy and soft and just the right size for Julie and enough room for Jason. I could have taken a nap - this will be chocolate brown

d) Play yard - this thing had it all.....little light to make sure baby is alive, vibrations and music to calm baby down and....the best part......a remote control to control all these features from the - thats high tech
It doesn't take a lot to impress me i know, but these things were cool. I have a feeling little baby Reagan will be a bit on the spoiled side!!
The rest of the day was prett relaxed. We came home, took a nap, went to Lowes and Rosa's and were in for the night. Spurs sucked it up last night which is not good when they're playing the mavs.....As most know I'm a HUGE Spurs fan and my In-laws and wife are HUGE Mavs fans. So, this time of year, when they're playing each other in the playoffs it's a little bit more stressful.....Julie watches....kinda....and cheers like she knows what's going on......and I just huff and puff and yell at the TV - hearing in the background - Jason....Calm down, coming from my Wife. Loads of fun!!
Here are some pics from last week as well as a some of the items I want......not for baby Reagan, more for myself:)
Ranch Photos

Father-In-Law sleeping in chair with his AR-15 across his lap.
He must be one of those Right Wing Extremist Clinging to His Guns and Religion.
Julie and I - yes I'm half asleep. I was using an alarm clock that was an hour behind so i literally had 5 minutes to get ready for Church.

Me, Her, Jon (Brother in Law)

Boomer and Champ Reunited after a full day of being apart - they were so excited to see each other
Same as above

Baby Bed
Julie did a great job picking the bedding out - it looks "cute" I guess :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

shot guns, ar 15s, 9mm, 22s, and 40 cal

What a weekend at the ranch.

Let me start the weekend off like this, Boomer was sick. He ate a chicken bone Wednesday night and just wasn't right. So Julie took him to the vet Thursday after she got off work around noon and then high tailed it to the ranch for Easter weekend.
Boomer had some stomach virus (luckily it had nothing to do with the chicken bone) that had been going around. he probably got it when he was at the vet the previous weekend being boarded - if something's going around - Boomer will get it.
So, that's how the long weekend started. I picked him up from the vet, carted him home, and went back to work.....worked for a while.....came home....had dinner with some co-workers....came home to a sick puppy. Boomer has this thing with closets - and after getting ready for bed I found him in mine - just sleeping....So what do I do? What any other good dog parent would do.....lay on the floor.....half of my body on tile the other half on carpet......I pet him until he went back to sleep.....well I think....actually I pet him until I went to sleep.....on the the bathroom/closet - comfortable? not so much!! but, i've come to grips with the fact that if I'm horizontal there's a good chance I'm falling asleep. I slept there for 4 hours before waking up freezing cold - went to bed to find Boomer warming up my spot - yeah, he was in bed and I was on floor - good times had by all.
I was off Friday which was a welcome vacation day! My parents came up Thursday night and I got to eat Breakfast Friday with them and my brother and Hayley (Julie was already at the ranch.) I love Cracker Barrel - we had fun as usual...ate too much as usual and then they came over to see Reagan's room......which is cute.
Once they left I did a few things around the house, worked for a few minutes and loaded up sick Boomer and headed to the Ranch for Easter. The title of this blog says it all.

Here's how the ranch weekend looked:

  1. Snacked around and hung out
  2. Went turkey hunting with Jon.....heard nothing....saw nothing except 2 raccoons
  3. Ate dinner
  4. watched a movie (Eagle Eye - interesting movie)
  5. Went to bed


  1. woke up at 6:30 to go turkey hunting.....heard a few gobbles....saw nothing
  2. ate breakfast
  3. fell asleep on the couch
  4. ate lunch
  5. shot guns (referenced lower)
  6. went back out turkey hunting.....saw nothing....heard nothing.....and it rained on me
  7. ate dinner and watched a movie
  8. shot tracer rounds out of the 223 (which are totally awesome)
  9. with the help of Mike put together my lower receiver - I can't wait to get my ar-15 finished


  1. Went to church (no turkey hunting today - too tired and it was nasty out)
  2. Ate lunch
  3. Packed and headed home

We shot over 400 rounds (between my father-in-law Mike and Jon) of 223, probably 120 rounds of 22, a few boxes of 12 gauge rounds, and some hand gun rounds (my 9mm and 40 cal)
What a great time!!!!!

Now we're back to the house - we had a great weekend and I really enjoyed seeing my families!!!
We added an addition to the Webb decor this weekend as well.......Here he is in all his glory.......

This is the dude I shot in December of 07 and he was finally ready! I was going to put him in Reagan's room to go with the safari theme we have in there but Julie said no.......whoda thunk:)

I hope everyone had a blessed and safe Easter weekend. It's this time of year we remember Christ's victory over Death. I hope and pray that I remember this each and every day and not just one day a year! We serve and awesome God.

PS - Mags - I know there a just a few knotches in this blog....2 words - I rock:)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

play that funky music white boy

I have been in a funk all week and for the first time in a long time I have nothing to write about.
So here are some random thoughts:

1) I can't wait until Friday (it's supposed to be a day off but we'll see if that works out)
2) I get to shoot guns this weekend at the ranch - awesome!! It's been a long time
3) My Concealed Handgun License still hasn't come in yet which is hacking me off - it's been almost 3 months!!! people that work for the state are not pleasant - shocker
4) Work is stressful and I might not hit my quota for the first time in a long....long time
5) Did you know Julie's pregnant with a girl - that rocks!
6) The book "So You're going to be a dad" by Peter Downey is hilarious - I recommend. He has the same sense of humor as me - sarcastic - wait me?!? Never
7) What's with our government? Are they purposely trying to make things worse or is it natural?
8) The crickets in Abilene are ridiculously loud and annoying
9) I got my lower receiver in today for the gun I'm building - just a few more pieces and bunches of dollars and it'll actually fire - yippee:)
10) I have a camo diaper bag for when I'm in charge of Reagan - yeah - that's right - we're having a girl and I'm hauling her stuff in a camo bag
11) I rode in my bosses truck today (he has a 4 yr old and a 2 year old) and it looked like a cereal factory blew up in there - that'll be Julie's MINIVAN in a few years - haha!!
12) I want a lake house really....really.....really...really bad. I remember growing up going to our lake house pretty much every weekend in the summer. It was an awesome time and I'd love to be able to do that with my family.
13) Seriously - what's up with these crickets - it sounds like their in my ear drum
14) I thought roosters were supposed to crow when the sun came up......why is there one blabbing now at midnight? Must be a blind rooster

Sunday, April 5, 2009


This weekend has been a blur! We had a great time in Fort Worth but are absolutely exhausted!

Friday night we went to Spanos with Jeff, Hayley, Donny, Katie, and Coleman - had a blast. That place is really cool - quiet, calm, low key etc. They have the lights dimmed so much you could easily fall asleep! but, it's great food!

Saturday we woke up, packed up, loaded the dogs and headed to the boarder. Champ and Boomer were boarded around 9:15 am, went to AM donuts to get some grub, then it was time to hit the road to Fort Worth. We made it around noon and started the fun day of shopping. I dropped Julie off at Pickles and Ice Cream to shop for some maternity stuff and went to the gas station for some much needed caffeine, Yes, i was already tired! From there we went to Pier 1 - bought a pillow for the baby room and then headed to South Lake to the outdoor shopping center place thingy. Can I just say wowza?!?! I've been there once before but didn't really remember what it all entailed! Lots and lots of shops and lots and lots of walking. Seriously think we walked 500 miles - give or take

We hit up all the baby stores - to which I can't remember the names, bought some baby books at Barnes and Noble, ate at Cheesecake Factory for lunch (full - yes i think so), and went back to shopping. I think we hit up about 14 stores at this place - and I'm lazy - my feet hurt so I went back to the car to change into tennis shoes instead of my awesome but not comfortable boots.

Once we were done there we decided to head to Super Target to start registering for more baby stuff. That's always fun especially since I get the scanner gun thing. I love that - it's cool.

Saturday night was really low-key. We walked around downtown Fort Worth for a while, went to Barnes and Noble to buy some books (Mark Levin Liberty in Tyranny - yes they actually had it), went to a few more shops and headed back to the hotel for the night. Julie's favorite thing to do is order room-service and watch pay-per-view - which we did....both of them. We had a great meal (Chicken Fried Steak for me, fries, chicken strips, mac and cheese, and fruit for Julie and Reagan) and watched Marley and Me.....if you want to see that movie prepare yourself - Julie bawled like a baby.

Sunday we went to her parents house to pick up the baby bedding they got for us (it's cute) and then went to babies-r-us to register there.

Now we're home...picked up the dogs - they smelled awful so they got a bath - which they love (not really) and we're super tired. Julie was taking a nap and I was laying on the couch when we got the call the dogs were ready to be picked up - and now it's 5:25 pm - too late to lay back down and get some shut eye!! I think bed time tonight for us will be 6:00pm - for Boomer it was 5:15 - after his bath he jumped up on the couch and hasn't moved since - he'll be out for the next 2 days.....old fart!!!

We did have fun this weekend....bought lots of stuff for Baby Reagan which was cool (1 bib that says tax deduction on it and a t-shirt that says Daddy's Little Cowgirl.....she's going to be spoiled:)

I hope everyone has a great week!! Happy Easter!! More to come on Julie's blog (pics, etc.)