Wednesday, August 29, 2007

que dia

man...what a day today was!
worked...tilled....started plugging the 1800 plugs of turffalo! It looks easy...and it is....but it's so frapping tedious! We got about 120 planted and it took us 1 1/2 hours! It's going to take a LONG....LONG time! But, it will be worth it - one day!

Just got an email from our realtor from SA...the inspection report came back....get ready for this junk.....the buyer wants us to pay 400 dollars for the lendor required repairs. We're already paying for ALL of his closing cost at 4500 bucks....I mean...really? thanks for playing but that's not going to happen! Oh well - what can you do.

Julie's mom came in today which has been great. She helped out a lot in the backyard - feel kinda bad..both times she's been to visit we put her to work! Maybe one day she'll stop by and will be able to relax!

I've decided -
1) I'm old
2) I'm tired
3) landscaping is not my cup of tea
4) selling a house is a pain
5) Abilene is awesome
6) work rocks my face off
7) red dirt turns a white beard chocolate brown - seriously, champ looks like a kid with chocolate all over his face...not sure whether or not to give him a bath or leave it because it's pretty darn funny
8) we're going to win the mega million Friday
9) that would rock my face off
10) i'm envious of everyone that started college on Monday
11) 99% of politicians are scum bags
12) dill weed really is a "spice" and not what I used to call people in 7th grade - had it tonight for the first time
13) cucumbers aren't bad if you add bread and ranch dip to the mix
14) mesquitos suck....literally
15) no one really likes list so I'm done


Caleb said...

Alright! Just another 20+ hours!!!

Tiffany said...

i like your list..

Mom said...

Hey baby---keep up the good work...If you're old that means I'm really old.. :) Hang in there-- -Dad and I can't wait to see you and Julie next weekend.. Love ya..