Thursday, August 23, 2007

come on now!!! I am a competitive person.....I hate losing....It doesn't matter what it is.....parcheesi, twister, basketball, etc. I just realized that my wife is kickin' my rear end in the number of people viewing her blog site.....That is not ok! I know she's good looking and all but come on.....Everyone should want to know what's going on in the life of a 25 year old, tall, skinney, and balding dude from Abilene, TX. I mean....lets face it....I'm pretty cool and definitely funny.
I don't care what you have to do to get people to look at my everyone you know....I'll put together some logos and some tshirts...whatever....but this is ri-darn-diculous
HAHA....just kidding. I know she's the only one that really ever looks at her blog....She just clicks on it a bunch of times to make it look like a lot of people are really reading her stuff. HAHA

Today we went to the big city of Mason......You know how you know you're in a small town?
When you go to the golf course and the sports complex right beside you....consists of a stadium called Puncher Stadium, baseball field....and yes.....a barn for rodeos and livestock shows. I tell you what.....I would never need to leave that complex! It's got everything you could want!

Garrett and I decided to that we're going to buy some we found 60 acres were are going to split.....Tiffany (his wife), Reese (their son), and Garrett would take one side and we would take the other. Then we figured that we would have to sell our house because we wouldn't be able to get approved for another mortgage (and if you count the mortgage we have in San Antonio still, it'd be our 3rd mortgage.) So, we'd then have to find a place to live.....I had the great idea of putting a RV on the property we could stay in until the place was finished.....Julie said no....the dream was dead....and i was sad.

You know....there's absolutely nothing I can talk about....i'm really bored and had nothing to say which is why you got this really random....all over the place blog!


Caleb said...

lol... I will refresh a couple times to help ya out! :)

Julie said...

on my defense...i do NOT. i just have more friends :)