Friday, August 17, 2007


Here's the recap of what's been going on today......
1) my computer completely crashed...had to by a new one. My hard drive went awol and it would cost me as much to buy a hard drive as it would a computer
2) Abilene is basically under water due to rain
3) water scare.....they thought there was some bacteria or something in the water....couldn't buy cokes, water, coffee or anything that had abilene water in it....gotta love abilene:)
4) had to work in the office all day today.....long and boring but some useful information
5) Julie's mom was here all day....I love her
6) dude came by to mount the tv over the's pretty dang sweet!
7) went to outback.....service was sub par and the lights went out briefly
8) watched tv and now going to bed.
9) dropped the cashier's check off......we closed yesterday but we did not realize that Bank of America closes it's lobby at 3....we couldn't get a cashier's check or wire money yesterday so they actually let us sign the papers and bring the check by today! I LOVE ABILENE.....banks close early (I was livid) but it's probably one of the few places that will actually let you sign closing documents without paying!!!
10) went to get breakfast as part of my initiation to Cintas (they're so tough on me - haha)

Man...I love life in Abilene. Julie and I's relationship is so much stronger due to the fact that we're much less stressed than we were in San Antonio. With her not working much and me working 65 hour weeks.....out of the house....we were at each other's throat's. But...God is amazing and has blessed us so much!
More to follow.....I love you all very much!!!

Might have to go to wal mart to get some floaties so we don't drown.......might get some for the dogs as well:)

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