Tuesday, August 7, 2007

And he's back

Well, it's been a while.....Thank goodness I finally have internet again. I've been going crazy.
So, I got to move into the new house on Sunday! It's so nice and I absolutely love it.
Things I have at the house
1) mini fridge with coke, turkey, cheese, and mustard
2) clothes
3) laptop (no internet until today)
4) 3 dvds (Count of Monte Cristo, Black ball, and Ghostbusters)

It's been so relaxing but honestly....there's only so much free cell you can play before you go crazy! So, it's great to be back up online.

The last 2 days have been great. Even though I had to be a work on Monday at 4:30, the day went fast and I was off by 2. We went to San Angelo to service 4 accounts and I learned yet again, another side of the business.
Today I spent all day with a sales rep....actually making calls in Brownwood....it was great getting back to selling but since it's been a while......i'm rusty to say the least!
The guy I road with is 26 and has a 5 month old baby named Reese.....His wife today asked while I was in the car, if Garret asked me if Julie and I wanted to be friends. It was kinda funny.....So I told him we were booked up on the friends department. haha - scary thing about it is she seems a lot like Julie....doesn't really like sports.....when they snow ski she shops while he's on the slopes...she was a teacher....she likes to shop.....they could be a dynamic duo! hahah
So, once Julie gets here and we get settled we'll have some other people to hang out with! Plus, they have a baby Julie can play with....maybe that will calm her down about wanting one:) Or....it could back fire and make her want one more...who knows...she's crazy!!
But, it went well and I'm counting the days until I get to sell in my territory (11 1/2 weeks)

Julie is coming into town on Friday....of which we're turning around and driving to San Antonio to get all our stuff packed and loaded onto a uhaul.....So by Sunday we'll actually have a fully functioning house (well....kinda)
Everything is going well with our loan and looks like we'll close toward the end of the month.....That's going to be a huge burden off our backs because we're so worried that something will fall and we'll have to back out. I would feel horrible for the sellers if that happens. Luckily we should be ready to rock and roll.
Our house in SA still hasn't sold so that's frustrating but hopefully soon. We're thinking about talking to the realtors this weekend and maybe dropping the price or offering an incentive to sell. Since we've had 11 showings and no offers, we're not sure what the problem is. But....in due time we'll figure it out. It's going to be great getting all of this behind us so we can start our new life in Abilene!

Days until Dove season....23 YIPPEE
Days until Julie and I live in the same city again....2
Days until our dogs will be reunited with us.....13 (give or take)
Days until closing....14 (give or take)
Days until we have cable in the house.....6
Days until my first Cintas paycheck....3 (I CAN'T WAIT)
Days in new house......3
Days being bored....0

Any who.....hope everyone is doing well!! I love you all very much.


Caleb said...

I hope you have some bread to go with your turkey and mustard!!

Audria said...

How exciting!! I love your new house. I hope everything goes well.

Lindsey said...

it's so exciting to hear about all the fun and great things happening for you and Julie!!! I wish ya'll the best of Luck in Abilene.

brent said...

hey man, congrats on the house! we'll need to stop by next time we're around. adios