Tuesday, August 28, 2007

backyard...oh my

So the backyard is completely destroyed! Tilling is not much fun....I once loved working in the yard until we moved to Abilene. Maybe it's because my experience was putting in a flower bed that took maybe 3 hours.....and laying about 12 pieces of sod....tilling is a whole different animal.
I rented a tiller on Friday - worked for a few hours....woke up sore as all get out Saturday....worked about an hour more then had to stop. The tiller was a piece of junk!!! Apparently I got the wrong kind of tiller...whodathunk!
So today I rented a beast of a tiller and it was frappin' awesome! So much easier - it even has a few speeds as well as the capability to reverse....which I then took the opportunity to make the beep beep sound while backin' her up...yes I was bored and HOT!
We're (I'm haha - Julie is defintely not helping till) about 85% done with the tilling then comes the EXCITING part.....manually planting 1800 plugs in the ground. Doesn't that just sound like a barrel of monkeys? That's what I thought too!!
Soon...soon enough we'll be done with the back yard and it'll all be worth it.

Work is still going well....I'm doing a lot of riding with the sales reps and getting great experience. Making a few sales pitches while we're out and getting edjumacated on everything. Next week I'll actually have a quota for trying to upsell current clients...then in week 10 I get to go after new business. Crazy thing about it...they're going to pay me commissions on what I sell! IT'S ABOUT TIME...for those of you who know me, know the last job I had promised commissions for a bout a year and a half and I never saw a dime....So, it's been a long time coming!

I should be getting my business cards in a few days which will be lovely. Right now, when I'm making a cold call I'm having to hand the prospect a business card as either Garrett or Billy....then introduce myself as Garrett or Billy....I'm not going to lie...that's pretty dang hard to do. Crazy enough - introducing yourself as yourself is a pretty hard habit to break. Actually, yesterday while in Coleman I did the typical introduction as Garrett.....introduced Garrett as Jason....then when we were leaving I said again, I'm Jason and this is Garrett....DOPE - Not sure if he caught it but I sure chuckled. That's some good stuff right there - so professional!!:)

Please remember Jim Hughes (Julie's grandfather) in your prayers. He's having some test run.

I'll have more to follow! I know it's been a while and everyone has been anxiously awaiting to hear about my exciting life:)

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Caleb said...

Wow! I want to see a picture of you when you are about 1500 plugs into the yard! I imagine you will be pretty tired!! :)