Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's been a while

Yeah I know....it' been a while since my last post. Things are still rockin and rollin' around here!
Went to San Antonio this weekend to pack up all of our stuff. It was an interesting trip.
A realtor broke the key off in the key hole and did absolutely nothing about it. He said he wasn't strong enough to break the key and that it was our responsibility to get it fixed.....yeah and this was happening not only while we were driving to down there from Abilene....but the night before the movers were coming. Luckily he actually unlocked the dead bolt and we used a spare key to open the other lock.....yesh! Saved us about 120 bucks for an emergency call from a locksmith!
The Movers in SA were great. Actually one of the guys was the same guy who moved Julie into our house after we got married. They were great and did the job in about 2 hours.
I love driving U-hauls. We had the biggest one available (i think it's 24 ft.) It was a beast! Cost a jackload to fill it up.....but it's all good in the neighborhood (yes...i just said that...welcome back to the 90's - haha)
Our house (I know...which one right) in Abilene is awesome. Boxes are everywhere but we have the essentials pretty well taken care of....
1) tv - check
2) internet - check
3) kitchen semi organized - check
4) bed is put together - check

So - the rest are just details. Tons of work left to be done but once again...it's all good in the neighborhood because we're in abilene.

There was a showing on Sunday to a doctor and his wife. Apparently they complained about how dirty the house was. Seriously.....we just moved out on sunday......get over it!!!! So we're hiring someone to clean it so we dont have to go back to do it!!!! I mean....come on....look past the dirt and we can get that taken care of later....JUST BUY THE HOUSE!!! HAHA

Any who.....More to come....it's late and I'm exhausted!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the house and Julie's job. Collin and Ashley are about to experience what you guys are, they close on a house in Arlington this Fri and will start moving stuff from Memphis, TN a week later. Now that will be some move!
Unca Steve

Caleb said...

Ya'lls experience selling your house has been interesting! Makes me never want to have to sell a house!!!