Sunday, March 1, 2009

good times had by all

Last week.....was yet again...crazy!!!!!
I drove over 850 miles - in my truck - which is more miles than I've driven it in the last 6 months combined! They're still working on getting me a new short bus but it looks like for now I get to drive the piece of junk from Midland. Which, that's fine because I don't like driving my truck when we're talking about taking oil samples, being out at the wind farms, and just getting it all nastified!
Here's what my week looked like last week:
Monday: Baird
Tuesday: San Angelo
Wednesday: Brady
Thursday: Snyder (more to come on the ever so eventful day)
Friday: Back in San Angelo on the truck helping out our service rep

Needless to say - by the time Friday rolled around, I was extremely thankful and exhausted.

Thursday was a crazy/stressful day. I had a few great appointments lined up, got those done and over with and headed to Sweetwater for my last appointment of the day. As I was leaving I got a call from an old buddy that I worked with from Cintas, Billy, asking me if I had talked ot Kevin (he's my branch General Manager). I said no and asked what was up - he told me there was a bad fire out close to their house - thought it was only 3-4 miles away. So I hung up and called Kevin and sure enough - he knew about it and was a bit worried. He was driving home from Midland when his wife told him and he was still about an hour and half out. I was pretty close - about 30 minutes away and told him I'd head out there to help his wife get stuff ready in case they had to evacuate. It was nuts!! I was talking with Nicole in the garage and you could look out and actually see flames (they live on 33 acres) with the winds blowing in their direction.

We came to the conclusion that it was time to load stuff up and get the heck out of there. So, we got the important stuff, jewelry, guns, pics, computers, motorcycles, dogs, kids, boat, etc. About the time we were going to head out - Kevin showed up to help load the last motorcycle in and hook the boat up to my truck. We got out right before they shut the roads down.
Thankfully, the fire department/forest service were able to get the fire under control with no damage done to their house!
Praise the Lord for that. I cannot even imagine what they must have been going through - the fire ended up being about a mile away from their house!!!

So, I went back to the office, unloaded what we could there and had to get some work done. Around 8:00pm I finally wrapped up and headed home.
Julie's mom came in town Wednesday and stayed through Friday - she's awesome and helped us out huge!!! Thursday Barbara and Julie worked on the baseboards (yes, it's been 4 months since they've been put down and we still did not have baseboards on - we've been too busy and honestly - i've been too lazy)
That was awesome and helped out huge. Now, back to Thursday night - you might think most people would go home, eat dinner, and go to bed - but not me.....and not Barbara!
They were at Dittos for Kiddos (Apparently like a huge garage sale for baby/maternity stuff) The lines were long and my stomach was eating itself....Around 8:30 we finally made it to chilis for dinner.
Julie informed me that Barbara was going to help me lay plywood in the back part of the attic (our attic is jacked up) to give us more space to store all the crap we don't need.
So, we got started....and worked.....and worked......and worked......probably hacked off the neighbors with the saw and air compressor but oh well. We finally finished around 1:00am - that's right.....1 in the morning - after I worked 13 hours. But, it looks great and It's going to be nice to have that extra space (especially once we start cleaning out the baby room)

I cannot think Barbara enough for all her help this past week! We had a great time and I'm sure she was ready to leave so she could relax!! Julie always has a full schedule for the 2 of them every time she comes in town or we head to Arlington!!!

Now it's Sunday night......Tomorrow starts a new day and a new week!! Awesome!!!!!!

This weekend was pretty relaxing. Friday after work we headed over to Katie and Donny's house for burgers and to catch up. We really haven't seen them much since Coleman was born (he's too cute.) It was fun, getting to play with a 2 month old!! He started crying when I was holding him and instead of handing him off like I normally would, I tried to calm him down - which actually worked!!! I picked him up and said "Put that pucker face away" - yeah, i'm weird - but it was awesome.

Saturday we didn't do much all day. We didn't even leave the house until we went to dinner with my co worker - Brent and his wife tiffany (she's expecting too - Due date May 17th)
We went to Julie's favorite restaurant - Outback so she could get salad and cheese fries.
Sunday, we went to church and to my deli for lunch (Jason's Deli) with Katie, Coleman, Jeff, and Hayley - then came back home for a nap, dinner, and sleep.

That's it.....the life we lead is amazing! Full of good times had by all!!!

I wish everyone a blessed week this week!!

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