Monday, March 16, 2009

another year bites the dust

I'm older tomorrow - awesome!! Losing hair (even some turning gray which i debate to pull out because they probably won't grow back) gaining weight and loving every minute of it!
I have such a great life and am truly blessed.

This past weekend we were in Boerne hanging out with my folks......we didn't get there until saturday because we decided that accidently leaving the dogs kennel at home was a great idea.....until we got about 30 minutes out and said - crap - we forgot the kennel! So we drove home and had to start our adventure Saturday (my work computer is about to crash so I was on the phone with our help desk until 7:00pm Friday night - my life rocks:)
So Saturday about 6:30 we headed to Boerne again. We had fun with my rents! We got in town about 10:30 and loaded up the car to head to San Antonio.
When you live in po dunk - you gotta hit the big cool stores when you go. We went to Pea in the pod (Which Julie led me to believe was a baby's's a maternity clothing store!! So much fun)
But, then my parents treated us to Pappacitos for my bday love that place.....2 beef enchiladas, 1 beef taco, 4 stuffed shrimp, 1/2 a dozen torillas, and a basket of chips later - I was ready for a nap......but, it was back to shopping.
We hit up babies r us to see what the deal was - it pretty much went like - this baby is going to cost a lot so I'm going to Bass Pro Shop with my dad to shop there (because BPS is so much cheaper)
After we picked Julie and my mom up from Target we headed back to my parents house....where a nap was a must!
Later on that afternoon we really didn't do much of anything. There were 6 axis deer at the feeder which were calling my name......but I didn't have my rifle and I really was not in the mood for guttin' a deer (I'm not good at that - the smell, etc - I have a long way to go before I will be able to change a poopy diaper).
That night my mom made my favorite pancakes - Aunt Martha's pancakes.......with fruit syrup - awesomeness....that's all you can say about that! They have to be the most unhealthy pancake ever but they're totally worth it.
Then it was back to bed.

We got up Sunday morning for chuch, stayed through communion and headed back to load my truck down with crap we're selling in a garage sale in 2 weeks....we looked like the beverly hillbillies - all we needed was a crazy granny with a gun and it'd been picture perfect!

That was our weekend - we had a great time but were worn out (as were the dogs).

Please keep me in your prayers as tomorrow I'm quitting smoking. The time has arrived for me to put the pack down and start focusing on my health as well as my future with my growing family. I know it will be difficult. I know there will be temptation. I know I might be moody/grumpy but with the prayers and support of my family and friends as well as God walking beside me, I can overcome this unpleasant challenge.
I still cannot believe I let it get to the point to where it consumes my life...But it is what it is and I'm here now paying the consequences.

I hope everyone has a blessed week and a Happy St Patrick's day.....remember - it's all about Jason day tomorrow so buy me something.....just kidding....but really:)


Jeff and Kim said...

Happy Birthday Jason!!!! I hope you have a great day and we know you can kick your smoking habit in the butt:) I'm glad ya'll had fun with your we need to plan a weekend where ya'll can come down here.

M said...

I'm rootin' for you, Jas! I know you can do it!

Happy Birthday, BFF. I love your guts.