Sunday, February 22, 2009

baby clothes and gay shows

this is the title of my soon to be hit song. this weekend was a great weekend. It was low key - nothing but Julie and I hanging ourselves....running errands and watching TV. After last week - it's exactly what I needed.

Saturday we got up and headed to Walmart - my least favorite place in the world. Bought groceries, diapers (I have more to say on this in a second), and some organizational items for the baby room. Diapers are ridiculously expensive - 11 bucks for a 30 pack - which Julie informed me would last about 3 days - wowza!!! I'm in the wrong business!!!!

We came home and decided to start going through the "baby" room and cleaning it up. We also went through the boxes in the attic to see what we needed and what could be garage saled!!
That got boring pretty quick so we decided it was time to go to run more errands.

1st stop - Kids Village - that is the coolest store (if you're expecting) - i wanted everything - especially this glider chair - it was huge and comfortable.........except I wanted it for the living room and not the baby room......I'd never get up.

After that we made our way to target - my 2nd least favorite places. I can't even remember what we bought - oh yeah, more clothes for Julie since non of the stuff she has fits!! Lovely

Then it was off to Circuit City - which is going out of business and everything is marked 50% off - they had nothing left.....except....Season 1 of Gossip Girl......enter reason gay shows is part of the title of this blog.......FYI - if you're a guy and like to watch gay shows with your significant other to show you support them and are interested in what they watch....DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW!!! Here's how the rest of the weekend played out......5 hours of Gossip girl on Saturday and another 4 on Sunday.....I'll be danged if that is not one of the most addicting shows I've ever seen.....You want to peel yourself away and do push ups or chop down a tree to show the world you're still manly....but you just sit there.....and watch episode after episode after episode.....I hate it when that happens!! They need a label on the box saying it may cause an addiction.....but there's no warning - I had no clue what I got myself into!!

All in all it was a fantastic weekend......I truly enjoyed just spending time with Julie, preparing for the arrival of "Peanut" and just relaxing. Once the baby comes.....who knows how much relaxing will be going at the Webb House.

I hope everyone has a blessed week this week.....We truly are blessed.


Caleb and Audria said...

ha ha ha... it sucked you in!

Suzanne said... crack me up! such a nerd! ;) and i had to laugh about your diapers comment!!! we went through (roughly) at LEAST 32 diapers a DAY for the first 2-3 months! HOLY COW! thank God for the sweet people who helped us and donated diapers, right?! not to mention the amount of formula conusmed!

side note: its funny watching collin get to experience shopping for his little nugget as well--b/c he had NO idea how much this stuff costs! (like Dreft detergent--we would go through a HUGE Sam's club tub in less than a week!)

LOL! i'm SOOOOO excited for you and julie! we definitely have to plan some sort of family reunion soon (and every year)...i miss the hoags, webbs, and voiles waaaay too much! not to mention it would be SO special to sug and pops!

love you!

M said...

I'd give you a notch, but a Gossip Girl addiction is more of a wrist flip.

I'd go for the chair... when the peanut is eating, being rocked, etc... it'll be handy in the peanut-jar. (room)

I'm thrilled for both of you and I'm glad you had a low-key weekend. You needed it!