Monday, March 2, 2009

adios short bus numero uno

Tomorrow I will be heading to Midland to pick up short bus numero dos. Let's take a moment to remember the good times that were had with short bus numero uno. Between the breaking down, constant stank of used oil, the strawberry air freshener that made the van smell like used strawberry oil, to the am/fm radio with one busted speaker, to the faded paint job with numerous dents/dings, to the no cruise control. It was love at first site and I will truly miss this van. Or....maybe not. Here's what I have to look forward to the new to me van.......

Re-read everything i just wrote because it's exactly the same!!

Irregardless, it will be nice to be back in a company vehicle with my trucked parked at the office again:) All I can say is what a great way to advertise - you can't miss the short bus rockin' and rollin' down the street (sometimes putt putting, bouncing, smoking, etc - haha)

Don't get me wrong.....I'm grateful for the short bus as well as my company. They both have provided a great life for Julie and I. But, it's also fun to pick on the short bus just because - it's the short bus.....A 96 GMC Astro with 168,000 + miles on it!! I love that thing!!!

How do you like me now??!?!

pretty fly for a white guy

New t-shirt idea: (BTW -I'm not very good with paint)
Just in case you're wondering what color of yellow that is.......don't bother - it's hard to explain.....and you can't look directly at it without sun glasses - yeah - it's awesome.

RIP Short bus numero uno......RIP

More pics of the new van to follow!!

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