Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Thoughts

1) Yesterday it was 84 it was cold.....and rainy.....and windy.
I can't complain because we definitely needed the rain (of course I washed my truck on Saturday - the first time in prolly 5 months - so you know it's going to rain)
But the cold? And the wind? What the heck!!
I'm ready for Spring to get here!
Let me just say.......Spring Forward time change is still kicking my rear.

2) Julie's pregnant - that's awesome - it's still hard to believe in 5 months from Saturday (give or take) I'll be a dad! I'm extremely excited, nervous, blessed, grateful, humble, nervous all at the same time - what a feeling! Only 2 1/2 weeks until we find out what the little baby is going to be.......added estrogen or a camo wearing, gun shooting, basketball/football playing cool guy:)
Most of you know that our house is divided - Julie wants a girl and I want a boy. Obviously we will be excited with either but it just adds some fun conversations to our household (We don't agree on much - she wants a girl, I a boy - she likes the mavs, I like the spurs, we're competitive like that) Julie's getting a little bit bigger - she doesn't eat a lot of Ben n Jerry's anymore so I can't blame her belly on that - bummer!!

3) Work has been busy and slow all at the same time. The economy, no doubt, is causing everyone to watch what the spend and to hold on to what they have. My phone hasn't rang much, my email is pretty dead, and yet I'm still on the road closing deals every day. so, life is good.

4) Short bus numero dos is already dead. We got it last week, took it to the shop.....and it too has about 2300 dollars needed to get it up and running......back driving the truck.......waiting to hear if short bus numero tres is on it's way:)

5) If you go to Jayton, TX - don't. There are NO gas stations and 1 restaurant to eat at....which is cash/check only.....i don't carry either. So we had to travel to Aspermont (24 miles away) to eat at DQ - that's what I like about Texas.

6) It's a small world - they guy I met today in Jayton actually grew up in Abilene and went to ACU...come to find out him and his wife actually went to Westgate C of C (where Julie and I go) before they moved to Lubbock. They too are expecting a baby (number 2 for them) and they literally just found out.....they had a very similar conversation on our way back to Jayton - All I heard was him say to her "If you want to tell people that's fine - I don't care"
Julie and I had this conversation numerous times except it was me begging her to start telling people

7) Tomorrow I'll actually be in Abilene if it rains - that's exciting news

8) Baby furniture is expensive........I might be making a crib with duct tape/plywood/toothpicks/and Popsicle sticks - it'll be redneck fabulous. It's so much fun shopping for baby stuff though - I really enjoy it - and I hate shopping (unless it's for guns or hunting stuff)

9) Boomer sheds......a lot.....Champ is sweet but needs a helmet (he tried to jump on the bed tonight and missed - hit the nightstand.......and he failed to stop on the laminate floors and ran into the couch) - It......was.....awesome!!

That's all i've got.....i'm bored and can't sleep so you get to read about nothing at all......

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