Sunday, September 30, 2007

i hate medicine

Man, this medicine I've been taking stinks. my stomach hurts 24/7!
I got the blood work test results back and apparently I need to eat better and exercise.
Not sure what that's about. I guess walking to the fridge or sitting up to get out of bed doesn't count as exercise. And enchiladas and pizza isn't a good diet. I guess my age is catching up with me and I am no longer invicible to bad health. Bummer.
Here's where we have been this weekend:
1) Dinner at Roadhouse
2) Target
3) Pier 1
1) Home Depot
2) Target
3) Tiff and Garrett's for fajitas
1) Home Depot
2) Kohls
3) Target
4) United

I'm tired of shopping!!

What a weekend for college football. Freaking Texas lost. I wasn't happy about that. OU and Florida both lost and I was ecstatic about that. Notre Dame is now 0-5 which is awesome. But stupid Texas lost.
Guess I'll live. Should be an interesting game next week. you know....I'll be there cheering them on....burnt orange and all. HOOK EM'

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Caleb said...

I hate weekends like that! Sometimes I just want to relax!!