Sunday, September 16, 2007

fun weekend

Well - it was a fun weekend. Why do they have to go by so fast?!?!
Last night - after the bbq - I watered the yard - like I do every day of my life.
Sat down on the couch to watch tv....set my alarm to turn the water off.....well - I woke up this morning at jeans, shoes, contacts in my eyes.....and yes...the water still running. Whoops, my bad! good solid 9 hours of watering. needless to say our water bill is going to be sky high!
It's looking better though - still don't think it's going to have full coverage in 30-40 days considering the fact that we're on day 16. But, who knows - I've seen stranger things happen.

This weeks schedule for those who care:
Monday - in the office
Tuesday - on Route in who knows what city leaving at who knows what time
Wednesday - Same as Tuesday
Thursday - leaving at 7 to drive to Lubbock for training
Friday - training in the morning and leaving in the afternoon back to Abilene

Should be a fun week. Only 6 more weeks of training - WOWZA.

Hope everyone is doing well:)

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