Tuesday, September 25, 2007

new red shirt

so i got a new red shirt last week. washed it today for the first time. wasn't paying attention and my undershirts got thrown in with the wash.....yeah - they're pink....es no bueno....guess there's a first time for everything.
I'm trying to volunteer Julie to do my laundry but she said no:)
I wonder how much I could hire someone just to do my laundry......and maybe the dishes......and maybe make the bed.....i don't like any of those.....oh yeah - and maybe my yard work! haha - am I lazy or what:)

We've been going to Westgate Church of Christ for the last month and we absolutely love it. There are a lot of people our age and a TON of kids. It's incredible. We were talking to one of the ministers there and he said.....Don't drink the water or you might get pregnant. It was hilarious! Might be true. Good thing all we drink while we're there is the communion juice:)
Have to be careful!


Caleb said...

Oops! That is why I let the resident laundry expert, Audria, handle the laundry! If I ever end up doing a load, I make sure and put it on cold so I don't mess anything up.

Tiffany said...

what's so wrong with julie getting pregnant? she'd be a good mama, you'd be a good daddy, and besides that, they're fun!!!