Monday, September 10, 2007

monday monday....baaaah dah baaah dah dah dah

Thank you mom and dad for making me listen to oldies growing up. I love them...they rock my face off!

So, it's been a while since I've posted. Honestly, I've been flat out lazy. Between the yard work, the grass, and the traveling...I'm flat worn out. Not to mention I'm 7 weeks into my training and still have 6 weeks left to go. Luckily, I still really enjoy work. Everyone is great and I'm still learning daily. I guess I'm just ready to get it all behind me ya know? But, it is what it is!

Here is what the last week was like:
Saturday (9/1) - Road to the ranch
Monday (9/3) - Road back from the ranch
Tuesday (9/4) - Road to San Angelo
Wednesday (you get the picture) - ride along from San Angelo to Sonora - 1 south of San Angelo
Thursday - same as wednesday but tack on an hour and a half back to Abilene
Friday - road to San Antonio
Saturday - road back to Abilene

So, it's basically been crazy traveling lately. San Angelo was good though. Find out tomorrow if I landed my first sell without my sales buddies around. So that's good! Bring on the bling bling - haha. The guy I rode with was still on light duty because he had back surgery a few months back....means I got to do all the heavy lifting. BTW - dirty linens that have been sitting in the rain for a few days are A) Heavy B) absolutely disgusting
but, i survived. Back on route tomorrow to make some more money for Cintas.

Recap of my life outside of traveling:
1) closing on our house in SA tomorrow - praise the Lord....seriously
2) grass basically looks the same as it did last week - will post pictures tomorrow
3) put together a book was too big and un-sturdy - took it back
4) picked up my shed which I have to put's still sitting in the box
5) hung out with Jeff and Hayley for supper last night and lunch today - it's awesome getting to hang out with them.
6) champ needs a hair cut
7) boomer barks loud when a door bell rings on tv
8) my hair is still falling out
9) i'm gaining a little where a 34x34 pant - whoda thunk
10) did I mention the back yard still looks the same....oh i did...well it's confirmed

Say a prayer for Julie's grandpa. He has his consultation on Wednesday for his upcoming gall bladder surgery!


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