Friday, September 14, 2007

and I'm spent

So, Julie and I went to the fair was so much fun but we ate WAY too much!
You know what's coming...the list:

1) Fried Pickles
2) Corn Dog
3) Candy Apple
4) Funnel Cake
5) Bean, beef, and cheese burrito
6) fried snickers bar (I'm not joking - it was kinda weird)

We did have a blast though....Julie was like a tourist. She took a picture of everything. We went on the ferris wheel which was cool.....saw the ever so popular and huge Abilene skyline!:)
Got harrassed by the carneys to play their games - really annoying but what can you do?
bought some stuff for the house! Julie bought a candle that I wanted to eat - it smells really good (hot cinnamon i think)

The grass is looking better. Tomorrow I'll be posting pics so everyone can look in amazement at the progress - haha....don't get too excited!

It's 10:15 on a Friday night and my wife is already in bed.....we're getting old i think....yuppers

Tomorrow night we're going to my co-workers Billy's house for a bbq. It's going to be fun - Julie can finally meet some of the people I work with. Billy says..."Well Dippers" when he forgets something.....or cracker barrell....It's pretty dang funny. Great guy!
Julie is really hoping that Reese - Garrett and Tiffany's baby is awake so she can play. Every time she has seen him, he's been sleeping. He is so dang cute!

Welp.....esta bien, no mas para mi. yo necesito una siesa por que yo tengo mas comida en la fairiorio ( no clue how to say fair in spanish - i'm working on it though)


Tiffany said...

Yes, the baby will be there!!! And even if he is asleep, we will wake him up!

Caleb said...

Carneys are always funny!

Mom said...

Hey Jas... So glad you and Julie had fun at the fair...(Too bad they didn't have anything for you guys to eat..haha) Love ya..