Monday, October 1, 2007

stupid truck I get in my truck to come home from work. rolled the window down to cool it off a bit (by the way - still 90 degrees...what the heck?) When I went to roll it up....i heard a pop and there went the window - back down into the door! Isn't that great! So I'm driving home with the window down....called a few places but no one could get me in until now I have to rig the window so it will stay shut. What do I do? I know you're probably thinking tape it up but, that's just not my style - I still want my ride to look good. So I used PVC pipe and duct tape to rig it. That's not ghetto...That's redneck! Good stuff

What's gone bad this week you might ask?
1) Microwave
2) Window
3) We shall see tomorrow - hopefully nuttin:)

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Caleb said...

We have had one of those weeks as well. The ac, a deadbolt, a ceiling fan....