Wednesday, April 23, 2008

holy crap we won

You're not going to believe this....coming from the team that once lost 45-10....but....we WON on Monday night. 11-9. I can't believe it but we actually started playing well. It was awesome. I guess that's what it feels like to win the world series....or close to it.
We were down 5 in the last inning and went on a hitting frenzy. Scored 7 and held them to 3 up 3 down in the final half of the inning. So stoked!

The floors look great still - we love them. Champ and Boomer have no traction on them what so ever so it's very entertaining watching them slide all over the place. Champs (poor guy needs a helmet anyway) is like a pinball - just bounces from one wall to the next.
We need to get some grips for the bottom of the couches because he'll run as fast as he can, jump on the couch, and it'll fly back.
These floors are also fun for me. I find myself when I'm bored, putting on some socks and busting a Saved by the bell slide. It's entertainment - at least for me! haha

This weeks ventures:
Monday: Actually in Abilene
Tuesday: Brownwood (I met up with our route guy and ended up helping him slacks and dress shoes....not so comfortable)
Wednesday: Ballinger (It frapping poured like crazy here - bad thunderstorms)
Thursday: Stephenville
Friday: Cisco or Eastland or Coleman or who knows

I'm a travelin' fool. Mileage on truck now: 59361 (ouch)

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Caleb & Audria said...

A comeback win is always exciting!