Monday, April 7, 2008

man....I hate losing

but, we're pretty good at it. tonight was a rough night. We did manager to score a season high 8 runs BUT that goes out the window when you give up 45.....yes I said 45...Embarrassing.

I'm still really competitive but I'm learning to control my frustrations. Slowing but surely.

things really seem to be popping around here. Should find out about a HUGE account I've been working on this week and still traveling a lot. That being said....isn't gas ri-donkulously high?!?! It cost me 90 bucks to fill up the other day - and that was when it was 3.19 a gallon - it's now 3.31.....I'm nervous. I need a bike. Might be hard to bike my way to stephenville but I think I'd survive!!!

We are getting wood flooring put in next week - It makes me excited except for the fact that the pre work is not so fun. We got all of the baseboards taken down this weekend which was a chore. Now we just have to pull up the carpet...killz the floor...and the new stuff can be installed. It's going to be awesome!!!

Things left to do on the house after the flooring is done:

1) decorate the Living room, guest bedrooms, and master bedroom
2) fix up the study
3) get grass in the back yard - it's nasty weeds and abilene red mud - lovely
4) buy a new house - hahaha

Any who - I'm out

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Caleb & Audria said...

ouch!! 45 runs is tough to stomach!! I hope the season improves!! Losing is no fun.