Tuesday, April 1, 2008

lots to catch up on

I'm so lazy when it comes to writing blogs.
My birfday was absolutely incredible. Family and friends did WAY too much but it was much appreciated.
For starters, my wife had sent out puzzle pieces to my parents, her parents, her grandparents, and yes, even Champ and Boomer for me to put together. So, there it was....a beautiful Saturday and she let me open my cards early....i put together the puzzle and quickly turned into a giddy little kid....it was a PS3 (as most of you know I've been wanting for since they came out)
She then, however, told me that I couldn't get it until that next weekend b/c we had to get the rest of the money...bummer.....but WAIT.....i walked away and turned around and there was a beautifully wrapped BIG box....and what was inside....nothing but a PS3 - i was ecstatic. But, that wasn't it....she then hands me 3 other boxes.....one with guitar hero, one with Call of Duty 4, and the other was an extra remote. I couldn't tell you how excited i was so here are some pictures....

We then ate dinner with a bunch of friends at Perini Ranch, had a dang good time....came back and ate some ice cream cake from Coldstone - it was awesome.

2 weekends ago we had a great weekend in Arlington. As usual, I ate way too much but really enjoyed getting to hang out with the family. Sunday, Julie and I with, Charla and her friend, Tim, went to the Mavs/Spurs game. This doesn't need to be said but it's worth pointing out....I'm a HUGE Spurs fan and Julie likes the, I like to lose big game Mavs. It was awesome - they had a guitar challenge before the game....I won...just kidding - there was one dude that was ridiculous at that frapping game.
but, the Spurs did win which made it a lot more fun for me. At least it was a good game - except that Dirk got hurt...Eva Longoria was about 15 yards from where we sat - that was cool.

HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Can't believe it's been a year already since we said "I Do." Time really does go by fast but it has been an amazing year. I truly am blessed with such an amazing wife that loves me unconditionally and is my best friend. Married life is such a blessing through the good and the tough times. We've learned a lot about each other and ourselves and continue to grow each day. It's weird, with as much traveling as I do....and typically just day trips, I find myself missing Julie more and more with each passing day when I'm gone. Not like a I can't function miss her, but just said that she can't see some of the neat things I get to see in the small....po-dunk towns I travel too. She's amazing and I look forward to many more good years!!
That being said - we did get to go to Fredericksburg this weekend. Man, we had a great time. WAY too much food and WAY too much walking but it was dang fun. It was great getting away for a few days just to enjoy each others company again. The food was awesome, the stores were cool, and....man, I miss the hill country. It's so beautiful.

On that note....I did however manage to get in the dog house on Monday. I'm such an idiot....With the awesome weekend we had it completely just left my mind to get her flowers or even a card. WHOOPS!! Even my mom and dad were mad because they definitely taught me better than that. I felt horrible for be so dumb. Learned my lesson pretty quick....Unfortunately I have to wait until next year to rectify that! 365+ days of being married....365+ days of being in the dog house. hahaha - just kidding...but seriously, it's amazing how are......oh well!!

Welp - I'm done - sorry for the long blog - I'll do better at posting more frequently...maybe

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Jeff and Kim said...

I'm glad ya'll had a great time!! Haha...I saw your comment this morning...I know...it's a little out of our price range (A LOT out of our price range) I just thought....if the price of gas goes way up we would be saving money. But it would have to go up to like $1,000 a gallon. Have a good day!