Tuesday, April 8, 2008

and so it begins

We got everything squared away for the flooring in the living room and hallways last week. We're hoping to have it done Monday or Tuesday of next week. We couldn't be more excited. Not sure if it's to actually get the flooring installed or for it to be over.

This past weekend we took up all the baseboards...didn't take too long and I didn't think it was that bad until I woke up Monday morning sore as all get out. My hands are raw and scratched, I actually got carpet burn - which is awesome. but that was done and I thought it was a downhill slide. I was badly mistaken.

Today we started ripping up carpet so we could clean and paint the concrete. It was insane. Awful odor - No way it was our dogs either! Once we got all the carpet and carpet pad out it was time to rip up the carpet tacks/nails whatever have you. Whoever put our carpet in sucked because they used a nail in some cases every 1/2 inch. Needless to say - we got everything up and out...put the couches back and even a rug to make it more "homey" looking. It looks awful.
Tomorrow we'll start the cleaning process which will be loads of fun. Hopefully NOW it's a downhill slide....or crawl....or flop - anything to keep it moving.

We took pictures today - before with carpet and furniture, before w/ carpet and no furniture, before w/o carpet or furniture, and before without carpet but with furniture.
We'll post those next week after we get the floors installed! The countdown begins.

This weekend we're going to one of my top 5 favorite places.....THE RANCH!! It's so relaxing and peaceful. An unbelieveable place to just get a way for a few days!! Julie typically lays around and watches tv and I 75% of the time and walking around with a pistol, chasing cows, riding 4 wheelers, acting like I'm a rancher type a dude - (by the way....Came up with a new genre of person....you have the metro dude who dresses nice and is into luxury....and you have a redneck who loves to hunt, fish, shoot guns, etc.....so I've combined the 2 to come up with.....Metro Neck - Likes to dress nice during the week but it's camo and killing on the weekends - I know...it's gay....but I thought it was funny:)

I can't wait....it is Turkey season which means i have 4 turkeys to shoot!!! Hopefully we'll see more than we did last year - we saw 1 small tom that appeared out of now where....I flipped my gun around and just pulled the trigger....obviously not aiming because who needs that. Yeah - he flew away. There are tons of turkey at the feeder...here are a few pics of what we have to look forward too.

That's what I'm talking about

Yeah that's a hog


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Jeff and Kim said...

Man...sounds like ya'll have been and will be BUSY!!! It will be beautiful once the floors are done:) I've been trying to talk Jeff into putting some wood floors down in our house too:) Make sure to post pics so I can show him how good it looks:)