Sunday, April 20, 2008

floors etc

It's been a weekend. Friday we did not do a lot except get groceries and watch tv (I know, we're old)
Saturday, however, was different. I met up with some friends to play a little play I mean attempt to play. I'm awful. Of course, it was my first time on the golf course since 2004 (last time I was in Maui) I had a blast but needless to say, I need some practice before I go make a fool out of myself again. I think I shot a 120 - haha no joke. Apparently in the game of golf, it's the lowest score wins.I thought I was doing good. haha I had a lot of fun and got nice and sun burned.
Saturday night we go to go out to Perini Ranch. Julie's boss gave her a gift certificate out there b/c she's doing such a great job. We love that place....great jalapeno bites, steak, catfish, and bread pudding.
Today we went to church, Julie cleaned, and I mowed the grass/weeds. our backyard is nasty with weeds. They're nice and green thoughI also had softball pratice this afternoon. So between the golf, mowing, and practice - I'm all kinds of tired.

Here are the much anticipated pics of our new flooring. They did a great job and we really like them! There are a few touch ups that need to be done but other than that - it's complete.

Carpet and furniture

Carpet and no furniture (duh)

Furniture on concrete (that was comfortable)

painted with killz

hallway with killz

Ta Daa

Hallway to master bedroom (bonus pic with dogs)

Hallway going to other bedrooms


Anonymous said...
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Caleb & Audria said...

Looks good! Are the dogs skidding around when they run?

Julie said...

I'll answer that.... YES!!

Jeff and Kim said...

The floors are beautiful!!! I bet ya'll are glad to have that over and done looked like it was a BIG project!:)