Sunday, May 4, 2008

last week was nuts

Last week was so busy with work. It was all a blur.
I was on the road a lot and actually had some great appointments. Hopefully they'll pan out soon so we can make some money money money....moooooooooooooooney.

Friday we went to the Ranch for a night and as usual...had a blast. Went hunting early Saturday morning....I didn't even plan on hunting b/c I was so tired. But, figured what the heck - I got excited. Tried to kill this hog that's been hanging around the feeder quite a bit for the last few weeks. But....he never showed up - stupid hog. Guess he didn't feel like getting shot that today.

We ate a lot again - not really a shocker there. Julie made bacon/cheddar scones which are absolutely amazing! The only time she ever makes them though is when we go to the ranch or if she makes them for her work. Oh but it's worth the wait.

Saturday...Jon, Mike and I went into Olney b/c they were having an 80's and older car show which was cool. There was a huge 80's (i think) chevy truck with some monster 44 inch tires on them. I could almost stand under the fender wells - thing was sweet. bet it got -3 miles to the gallon though. It was one of those if you thought about starting er up - you'd need to get gas.

Today was very relaxing - did the typical lounging around and getting groceries!

All in all - a great weekend. I love my wife - she's awesome!!

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