Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I have to leave for Midland at WHAT?! time?!?!?

Tomorrow morning we're having meetings in Midland......we're leaving the branch at 5:00 am. Yeah.....that's in the morning.....before the sun comes up.....before Jason is awake.
It will be a great day though - we have a bunch of big wigs coming in. So i'm trading my chinos and boots for slacks and button downs.......I'm going to look all pretty like:)

Today was another dead day at work. It was 14 degrees this morning when I left for work and the roads were pretty icy. Julie had another day off and I'm extremely jealous!!! It's hard to get up for work when it's frappin freezing in your house......I think our heater is bi polar....sometimes it blows hot air - then decides it wants to blow cold air! Totally awesome when it's cold outside!!!
Fortunately the cold should be past us - it got up to 56 today which was a welcome sight. old am i?!?!? Talking about the weather and what not!!

Here's a baby update......Julie's actually starting to get a little of her appetite back - foods starting to sound appetizing and actually taste good. that's great - She's been such a trooper through the first trimester! Hopefully the 2nd trimester will be smooth sailing. I, on the other hand, never lost my appetite and in fact - I guess I think I'm eating for 2....must be sympathy hunger - but i've put on 5 lbs since Julie got pregnant....I'm showing more than she is:)
It's cool though - my arms look the same, face looks the same.....just have a little more plump stomach.........pair that up with my balding and I'm one sexy mamba jamba - haha


M said...

YOU CAN DO IT! 5am is a hot mess... but I bet things will be awesome.

Get you some shinier boots, son! Nothing says business like boots!

Good luck and stay warm. Oh, and have some breakfast for dinner.



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