Sunday, February 1, 2009

weekend to forget

This weekend is one that can soon be erased from my memories.....
Over the past 2 months I've been sick with.....Bronchitis.....Sinus Infection......and the lastest addition to the list........stomach virus!!!
needless to say, I was up ALL night Friday night. felt like junk and could never get comfortable. Saturday was a little relief, but I'm still not eating much. Here's what I've had all weekend:
Saturday morning: bowl of cereal
Saturday lunch: nada
Saturday dinner: 1/2 turkey sandwich
Sunday morning: nada
Sunday lunch nada
sunday dinner few chips with some chili, and 2 bagel bites.
Es todo!!!
I'm a big fan of eating which means this has not been my most memorable weekend!!!!!!
Oh well, tomorrow is a new day and hopefully one with plenty of food!!!!!

On a lighter note, Julie is now 12 weeks and 2 days pregnant! I cannot believe it's already been 3 months!!!!!
I continually pray that God will bless Julie and "peanut" during this pregnancy. That he will bless me with strength and patience to be the kind of husband I need to be. That he will bless us with a happy and healthy baby. And that Julie and I will be great parents.

I hope that you all have a blessed week this week.

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M said...


How in the world you survived a weekend without breakfast is beyond me! Start drinking your OJ, stat! Oh, and VITAMINS! YOU NEEDS THEM!

Yay for Julie and Peanut! I look forward to seeing pictures of the webblet soon!