Tuesday, January 27, 2009

it's frappin freezin'

Man it's cold out there!!!! 23 degrees......and snowing/sleeting/it's nasty!!!!
Unfortunately there's not enough snow for me to take the snow board out!!! Bummer!!!
I should have Julie pull me behind the truck - she didn't think that was a good idea - would have been fun:)

Today, she was off due to the weather........and I was....not off due to the weather. I should have taken off though - there was no one working today. I spent most of the day trying to get some meetings schedule with no luck - i was 5 for 30 getting a hold of people.

Gotta love Texas weather - 75 one day - 25 and snowing the next!!!

I hope you all are doing well. Be Blessed this week.

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M said...

It was a steamy 4 when I left for work this morning.