Monday, January 26, 2009

Sweet Cassie

Please say a prayer for my family as we lost our dear, precious dog Cassie today.
She was such a sweet dog that always greated you with a smile and a wagging tail.
She was almost 12 years old and had a great life. Brought a lot of smiles and laughter to our family.
My mom took her to the vet today because she was going down hill pretty fast and the doctors said both of her kidneys were failing.....they could mask the symptoms but really it was only a matter of time.

Though we will miss her terribly we all know in our hearts that she is no longer in pain and it was time to let her go.


Suzanne said...

so sad.... :( poor you guys...saying a prayer especially for you and your loss tonight...from one dog lover to another. love you!

M said...

Big Love, Jas! The dogs will send their doggie prays to y'all and Cass tonight.


Jeff and Kim said...

I got your mom's text last night. Poor Cassie, I know your parents are really going to miss her. She's an angel in doggie heaven now:)

Barbara said...

Having just been through that, I can certainly relate to your feelings. I will ask God to comfort your family in the coming days. Love you. You're my favorite son-in-law!