Monday, May 26, 2008

There's a lot going on

It's been a while since I've posted so I'll catch you up on everything going on in the wonderful Webb World....
Last week was my first week with Safety Kleen.....It was great. Most of the week was getting set up, filling out paper work, and doing online training until I couldn't open my eyes. I did 80 online modules, each having a brief quiz at the end which I had to make an 80 on to move to the next. Luckily I'm pratically done with that portion on the training.
I got out of the office a few times....Wednesday I went out to collect samples of oil (what we do when we're signing up an account...just to make sure there's nothing really harmful mixed in.) Friday I was on route all day which was great....Got me out of the office and I got to see what exactly our drivers do on a daily basis.
Backing up to manager was in town to finalize me actually being an official employee and going over's what my next 4 months look like...get's incredible:

1) Baltimore, MD
2) San Antonio, TX
3) Santa Ana, CA
4) Irving, TX
5) Back to Santa Ana
6) Plano, TX

Basically - i'll cover a lot of ground. I'm really excited because I've never been to Baltimore....or Santa Anna so that'll be nice. Plus it's all expenses paid...nice hotel...good food....meeting new people. It's going to be nice.

Memorial Day Weekend.....awesome. I love time off but this weekend was great b/c we went to good ol' Boerne TX to hang out with my folks...We had a great time....last time we were there was Christmas so it was well overdue...I know I know....horrible son I am!! haha
Friday we watched the spurs stink up the court (my dad and I are very animated when it comes to the spurs.) Saturday was a day of eating. My mom made my favorite Aunt Martha's Pancakes for's basically the best pancake ever....has a fruit sauce that is awesome.
Got some good mexican food from "the dive" in Boerne. We all got snow cones and hung out at the river that runs through B-town....I haven't been there in years. Ducks everywhere....They do the weirdest things - I guess when they're looking for some food in the sand they stick their butt up out of the water and start kicking their was amusing to say the least.
Then we capped off the night with Chicken Fried Steak for dinner and watched National Treasure 2.
Sunday was Senior day at church so we went to breakfast to eat and say hi to everyone we haven't seen in a long...LONG time. I feel old but I guess it happens.
Boerne C of C definitely aren't hurting for babies. They're EVERYWHERE!!! My mom had a new one every time time I looked up. Next thing I know...Julie has one. Cutest little thing! Julie helped my mom out in the nursery for church and had a blast.....I'm never going back to that church again though....haha - just kidding.

Went to the hamburger place call Cheesy Jane's in Boerne after church - I love that place. great burgers and according to my bride amazing Shakes.

We got back home Sunday around 5....relaxed for a bit while the dogs completely crashed. Boomer didn't move for at least 4 hours and champed actually stayed still long enough to take a long nap.

How fun was my day off you ask? It was great - mowed the yard and picked weeds all morning - I'm giving up on picking weeds though. I worked on it for about 2 hours and barely made a dent....we're hiring someone - I'm too old for that crap!

Julie made the best chicken salad I've ever had with homemade was awesome!!!
Then turned around and made homemade was awesome too.
I got lucky with her....if it was up to me we'd be eating tv dinners every night!!!

Great weekend and great week - now it's back to work I go!

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