Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm like a kid the night of Christmas Eve

I can't sleep - i'm too excited. tomorrow I start my NEW job. I can't wait. I know it's going to be a lot of paper work and boring online training but I'm still pumped. They're ordering my laptop and my cell phone which is cool as crap!

So - wish me luck - it's going to be a great day!!!

Julie and I had a VERY relaxing weekend. We really didn't do a lot at all - went shopping today for some new work clothes.......I get to wear jeans and polos.....i have 1 pair of good jeans that are professional enough to wear to had to get another pair and some polos.

Ate dinner with Jeff/Hayley and Katie/Donnie tonight at Red Robin.....our waitress was something else. Always said the wrong thing at the wrong by the way (after we get our food) we have no pineapples for your burger, or I ran out of water for the 3rd straight time - i must have put too much ice in here.....or Why didn't you tell me you didn't want more water so I didn't walk all the way over there to get more.....ya know - typical stuff like that. It say the least....interesting.

Saturday we went to Katie and Donnie's for a cookout and had fun.....but really - that's about the extent of our weekend - it was awesome!!!

Next weekend we're going to good ole San Antonio to visit my parents. It's hard to believe but we haven't been there since Christmas. We can't wait.

Well - i'm going to try to get some sleep since it's after midnight!!! hasta luego yos

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Caleb & Audria said...

Good luck! I hope it is going well!