Saturday, June 7, 2008

back from Baltimore

Man, what a long week.

I flew out on Monday to head to MD for 5 days of training. Just got back tonight - I'm pooped.

The training was very interesting though which helped make the time go by pretty fast. I am now certified to carry/handle hazardous waste - if I were going to be driving a truck. Since I'm just a sales rep, I had to do the training any way for regulatory reasons.

We learned all about hazardous waste, chemicals, etc - what to do in case of a spill of certain types of chemicals, what chemicals react with other chemicals/water/plastics, etc. All in all, it was good.

We were in training Tuesday through Friday with everyone. What I didn't know is that only certain people had to be at training until Friday.....I also didn't know that I was the only Sales Rep there....Therefore, I was the only one that had to be in training on Saturday. Good times had by all.

Here's what the week looked like:

Monday: Fly in (stupid hotel did not have my room ready when I got there at 10:30 PM - )

Tuesday: Training from 8-5 - went to dinner at a seafood place - had excellent crab cakes which I love

Wednesday: Training from 8-5 - dinner at the hotel.....passed out at 8:00pm fully dressed (shoes, shirt, blue jeans, contacts, etc.) and didn't wake up until 7 the next morning

Thursday: Training from 8-5, sales rep training from 5:30-6:30 - went to Washington DC with a co-worker to see the sights and check out the Nationals baseball game. Got into DC around 7 - 30 minute train ride that cost us 9 bucks. Saw the Whitehouse, Washington Monument, the Capital, etc. Went to the baseball game which was awesome. They were up by 5 or so, St Louis tied it up in the 9th. Went to extra innings - St Louis pulled ahead by 1 with a single shot homerun in the top of the 10th...>bottom of the 10th, Dude hit a 2 shot homerun to win the game. The subway was packed so we got a ride from a dude on a bike that had the row seat attached for a few bucks.....we looked gay as all get out but it saved us about 30 minutes waiting to get on the subway. This is where it gets fun..........Went back to the train station to find out EVERYONE lied to us....the trains stop running at 9:30 - not 11:40 like we were told!!!! So here we are, stuck in DC with 2 options. Greyhound bus or cab - we walked to the bus station which was a little scary at 11 at night.....bought tickets for the next available bus - not until 1:00 am (1 1/2 wait) Decided we were too tired so we ended up taking a cab. Cost us 65 bucks to get from DC to Baltimore - 3 times as much as it cost to get us there. Finally, we got back to the hotel around 1:30......Tired much. (I COULD NOT FALL ASLEEP - finally around 4 I dozed off

Friday: Training from 7:30 - 3...sales rep training from 4-6 (once again I fell asleep at 7:00 pm and did not wake up until 6:00 am the next morning - and once again fully clothed with shoes and all - i did not move)

Saturday: Training from 8-11:30.....Lunch at the airport - Flew out of MD at 12:45 CST - Got to Dallas around 4 (had 20 minutes to get to my connecting flight to Abilene - which is difficult at DFW) Flew out of DFW at 4:50 and landed back in Abilene at 5:30)

All in all - it was a successful trip - had a great time getting stranded in DC - met some really cool people - and learned a lot!! But, that being said, I sure am glad to be home. It's been a LONG week.

It's so quite around my house right now - Julie is up in OK for her cousin Dustin's wedding and the dogs were boarded on I'm all by myself. I can't wait for my wife and kids to get home. Seems like forever since I've seen them.

This is probably a very random and hard to read post - but I've been up since 5:00 this morning so I'm a little delirious!! Hasta Luego yos

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