Sunday, May 11, 2008

This weekend went by way too fast

This weekend we were in Arlington for Julie to get her wisdom teeth pulled Friday. Though it was nice to have Friday off, it sure wasn't much fun....especially for Julie.

We got in Thursday night and had a great meal at On The Border (you'll be hearing a lot about this place)
It was great to actually get some good food besides the typical Chilis - which I'm over for the moment.
Friday morning Julie and her mom did a bit of shopping before Julie's 11 am consultation then following surgery. Stupid me did not eat anything before i met up with them at the drs office and was starving. She didn't get to go back for the consult until around 11:50. After the consult was done we were back in the waiting room for her surgery. FINALLY they took her back and Barbara and I immediately stepped outside to grab a power bar and a swig of water. By this time it was probably around 1:30 or so. She got out of surgery and everything went fine. I was really looking forward to her on drugs....I thought she'd be funny and it'd give us something to laugh about later.....I was disappointed. She didn't say anything at all...could have been all the gause in her mouth - she did however give me a really gay thumbs up when I asked her how she was doing. That was funny - haha. I'm just glad she was ok. It was the first time she had ever been knocked completely out but she handled it well.

The rest of that day was crazy. I went to walmart to get her meds filled but the pharmacy wasn't open (brand new walmart). Went to Albertson's, back to the house to change into shorts (it was HOT), back to albertson's to pick up the meds, back to the house, to Bath and Body works to get her a get better present, to On the Border to get some Tortilla soup, queso, etc, to Jack in the Box (HALLELUJAH - I've been craving JITB for the longest time since we don't have them here YET), then back to the house.
Later on it was back to OTB to go get some more soup - apparently that was a hit with julie. She loved it. That's all she wrote for Friday....I was pooped and Julie was hurting but still kicking.

Saturday, Mike, Jon, and I went to have some fun. We went over to the Ferrai/Maserati dealership in Plano - holy wow it was awesome. So many fun cars there. My next car is only worth about 135K - pocket change ey?! We then trucked over to the lamborghini dealership just to see what was going on over there....>They had SO many frapping cool cars. Jon and I picked out our favorites and Mike got to talking to the sales guy. They really are some sweet rides.
They had a 01 Diablo that I wanted to drive off the lot.....Apparently they don't do many test drives on those cars - i was bummed - haha. But the Diablo and I go way back...It was kind of the cool car in my childhood. I had a toy Diable growing up that was red and purdy....Luckily the sales guy showed us all the ins and outs of their sounded awesome when he cranked it up - honestly made me jump.

We ventured back to the house to check on my bride and were basically in for the night. Had pizza and watched TV.

I love Mother's day. It really is a great day to reflect on how lucky we are as guys to have our mother's in our lives. Especially for me - I have the world's greatest mom who unconditionally loves me and shows nothing but support for me and my wife. Today when Julie got done talking to my mom told me how glad she was that I married Julie and how much she loves her as her own....Just the little things that make you feel great about yourself. but, you know the decisions you make are directly influenced by your parents and I am blessed.

Not only do I have an amazing mother but also to have an amazing mother-in-law. Barbara truly loves me and treats me as her own. It's awesome to visit my in-laws and to feel like I'm apart of the family.'s to you Mom and Barbara - I hope you both had a fantastic day...You both Deserve it! I love you both so much and cannot thank God enough for each of you blessing our families like you do!

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You are a good husband, thank you!